How to Edit “Win+X” Menu for Free on Windows 10

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Are you looking for a faster way to access the Control Panel on Windows 10?

As you know, Microsoft is slowly integrating all the settings from the old Control Panel into the new Settings app, but most advanced settings are accessible only through the Control Panel.

In order to encourage you to use the new Settings app, Microsoft removed the Control Panel from the Win+X contextual menu, this menu is also accessed by right-clicking on the Start button.

In this easy tutorial, you will learn 2 different methods to edit the Win+X menu and add the Control Panel or any program to it.

Let’s go!

Add Control Panel to the Win+X Menu on Windows 10

Use Win+X Menu Editor to Add the Control Panel Back

In the first method, we will use a free tool called Winx+X Menu Editor developed by Winaero.

You can download the program for free from here: Win+X Menu Editor (the download link is at the bottom of the page)

After downloading unzip the zip file and double-click on “WinXEditor.exe“.

Select “Group2“.

Click on “Add a program” in the menu above, and choose “Add a Control Panel item…“.

Search “control panel” and click “Control Panel” in the list, click “Select“.

Click on “Restart Explorer” to make changes.

Press Windows+X and see what happens, Control Panel is back! Yahoo!

Keep in mind that Group1 is the one at the bottom, and Group3 is the one on top. If you want to edit those folders manually keep reading…

Using File Explorer to Add the Control Panel Back

Open the Run prompt (Windows+R) or the File Explorer (Windows+E) and paste the following path:


Open the “Group2” folder.

Here paste the Control Panel shortcut, or if you applied the steps in the first method you will find “Control Panel” shortcut here.

Now you have added the Control Panel to your Windows 10 Win+X menu!

If you have any questions about Windows 10, feel free to leave a comment below ;)

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