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Use Windows God Mode to Access Hidden Features

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Do you want to access all the hidden features in one place?

Have you heard about the “God Mode” folder but you still haven’t created one?

You are in the good place!

When most individuals hear the term “God Mode” they consider online game cheat codes that give the participant invincibility or different game-breaking attributes. However there’s also another name… “Windows God Mode“.

First uncovered in Windows Vista, energy users found that renaming a folder with a specific string of characters would allow a particular Control Panel interface that consolidated virtually each Windows setting and administration feature underneath one digital roof. Formally referred to as the “Windows Master Control Panel” by Microsoft’s internal development team, the users who found this hidden function renamed it “Windows God Mode“.

Windows 10 God Mode, the Savior!

Windows God Mode works with most supported variations of Windows, together with Vista, 7, 8 and 10. To activate Windows God Mode, create a brand new folder in your Desktop and provide it this name:

godmode windows 10

You’ll instantly discover that the Folder icon has changed into a Control Panel icon.

Opening the folder reveals a listing of a whole lot of shortcuts to varied Control Panel settings and system administration options. Nearly all the things within the listing – from altering your User Account Management safety level, to viewing installed fonts, to viewing your Windows Update Historical past – might be accessed through normal user-facing menus, however having it multi functional searchable place is handy, particularly for power users.

godmode windows 10 categories admin administrator full

That magic occurs as a result of the Windows God Mode folder, which is all the time working within the background even in the event you’ve by no means enabled its visibility, hyperlinks every Management Panel setting with numerous key phrases that users may type to seek out. You’ll be able to see these keywords in a separate column of the Windows God Mode folder. For example, the keywords for the Control Panel setting to “Edit group policy” are adjust, alter, change, edit, modify, replace, etc.

Also, Microsoft even anticipated misspellings, and consists of keywords like maneger, ajust, and intsall, along with their accurately spelled counterparts.

Watch out when modifying settings in the event you’re unsure of their function.

Categories of God Mode Folder

Here is a list of the God Mode categories:

  1. Administrative Tools
  2. AutoPlay
  3. Backup and Restore
  4. Color Management
  5. Credential Manager
  6. Date and Time
  7. Devices and Printers
  8. Ease of Access Center
  9. File Explorer Options
  10. File History
  11. Fonts
  12. Indexing Options
  13. Infrared
  14. Internet Options
  15. Keyboard
  16. Mouse
  17. Network and Sharing Center
  18. Pen and Touch
  19. Phone and Modem
  20. Power Options
  21. Programs and Features
  22. Region
  23. RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
  24. Security and Maintenance
  25. Sound
  26. Speech Recognition
  27. Storage Spaces
  28. Sync Center
  29. System
  30. Tablet PC Settings
  31. Taskbar and Navigation
  32. Troubleshooting
  33. User Accounts
  34. Windows Defender Firewall
  35. Windows Mobility Center
  36. Work Folders

Now that you just have seen the Windows God Mode folder, you’ll most likely agree that the name is a bit exaggerated. Nonetheless, in the event you’re a Windows power user searching for fast and easy accessibility to nearly your whole operating system’s settings and administration choices, Windows God Mode might be fairly useful.

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