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How to Use the Full Screen Start Menu on Windows 10

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The new Start menu on Windows 10 attempts to merge between the old Start menu and Windows 8’s live tiles.

Many users still prefer the full-screen Start menu since it offers a lot of possibilities and gadgets (e.g weather) to get useful data in a moment.

In addition to that, the full-screen Start menu is touch-friendly and is preferred in tablets running Windows 10 OS.

In this tutorial, you will discover how to switch between the old and the full-screen Start menu.

Full-Screen Start Menu

Open the Settings app using the shortcut Windows+I and go to “Personalization“.

settings personalization windows 10

Then click on “Start” at the left panel of your Personalization settings.

On the right side, you will find “Use Start full screen“, toggle it on to switch to the full-screen Start menu.

use start full screen windows 10 settings

You won’t need any restart or log out to get the effect working. Just click Start or tap your Windows key to open your full-screen Start menu. You can display programs and other folders by clicking the “All apps” button in the top left corner of your screen.

start full screen windows 10

As noted earlier, the full-screen Start menu is much easier to use on a touch screen. It gives you more space for live Tiles and other pinned elements in the Start menu. You can also use your keyboard for a fast search or even use Cortana if it’s still enabled.

You can at any time revert back to the old Start menu by going back to Settings (Windows+I) > “Personalization” > “Start” and uncheck the option “Use Start full screen“.

Test it out first. You never know which one is better for you without giving it a try!


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