Do you want when your PC was turned on?

In this easy tutorial you will learn how to get the exact time your PC was turned on.

Let’s go!

How to Know When Your PC Last Booted

In fact, using this trick you can know when everything happened on your PC, including previous logons.

Open Run using the Windows+R shortcut and type in eventvwr.msc.

Eventvwr Msc

Go to “Windows Logs” > “System” and click on Find, type in “Winlogon“, click “Find Next“.

Event Viewer Winlogon Kernel Boot Find System Windows Logs

The first entry you will find is the last time your PC turned on, it should be preceded with the entries “Kernel-Boot“.

Take note of the date and time logged, that’s the time your PC was lastly turned on.

Winlogon Logged When Pc Turned On

There you have it!

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