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Better Use of Virtual Desktops on Windows 10

Windows 3 minutes to read
Last updated: April 7, 2020
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Virtual desktops are finally added to Windows 10, this is a major factor since multiple desktops are useful especially when using multiple apps at the same time.

In order to stay organized Windows 10 lets you create multiple desktops that each contain different windows and apps.

For example you can put a specific task on the first desktop and put other windows and tasks on the other desktops. You can create as many virtual desktops as you wish.

Before having this implementation (virtual desktops) in Windows 10, third-party programs were the only way to get this feature working.

Create a New Virtual Desktop

Creating a new virtual desktop is simple, easy and powerful. At the bottom of the screen, on the taskbar find the "Task View" icon and click on it. If you don't have that icon right-click on any place of the taskbar then choose "Show Task View Button" to turn it on.

You can also use the Windows+Tab shortcut to open the Task View.

virtual desktops windows 10 tips tricks how to 1

To sum it up, the Task View is simply a full screen app allowing you to switch between virtual desktops and apps running on your PC.

Click on the app you want to switch for, or on the desktop you want to show on your screen.

To add a desktop just click on the button "New desktop".

virtual desktops windows 10 tips tricks how to 2 new desktop

You can create as many desktops as you wish. I personally created 100 desktops to test it out, and Windows had no problems with it.

But you want to use virtual desktops to a minimum to stay organized and focus you attention and work on a handful of them.

Switch Virtual Desktops

Besides using the Task View to change your current desktop, you can use shortcuts!

Open the Task View using the Windows+Tab then use the Tab key to highlight Desktop 1 ; after that the arrow keys  and  to move between desktops, hit Enter.

You can also switch desktops using the CTRL+Windows+ key combination or CTRL+Windows+.

If you have a touch screen or a precision touch-pad use your four fingers:

  • To see Task view swipe up
  • To see Desktop swipe down
  • To switch Desktops swipe right/left
virtual desktops windows 10 tips tricks how to 3 hand gestures touchpad

You can move a specific window or app to another desktop by drag and drop.

virtual desktops windows 10 tips tricks how to 4 move window other desktop

If you like, you can also right-click on a window after opening the Task View and choose "Move to" and select the Desktop of choice.

virtual desktops windows 10 tips tricks how to 5 move to desktop 2

Remove a Virtual Desktop

To remove a virtual desktop, open the Task View using the Windows+Tab shortcut. Click on the above the desktop you want to remove.

virtual desktops windows 10 tips tricks how to 6 remove desktop

If you remove a desktop that has some open windows and apps on it, these windows and apps will be moved to the left desktop automatically.

There you have it my friend, if you have any comments leave them below this tutorial, thanks!

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