Are you looking for the best way to update/upgrade your PC's BIOS version?

Do you want to optimize your PC performance and efficiency?

In an earlier tutorial, you learned how to reset the BIOS, now you are going to discover the best ways to update the BIOS without messing up your PC.

Nowadays computers use UEFI instead of BIOS, but we still call it BIOS to simplify how things sound.

Let's go!

Easy Ways to Update the BIOS on Windows 10

0. Why Updating the BIOS?

Firstly, updating the BIOS on itself is not the main reason.

You should keep in mind that updating the BIOS may increase the speed of your PC, this way you will get more from your PC's performance.

Secondly, updating the BIOS is the best way to make sure you stay on the edge of security to prevent any breaches to your system's software.

And lastly have always a check on the BIOS version on the manufacturer's site and on your computer, this way you will have the best for the buck.

But before updating your BIOS, read the following...

1. Before Updating, Make Sure You Do This!

Listen, I don't want anybody to screw up their PC, so keep in mind to stay in line with the following tips:

  • Backup all your files to an external or Cloud Storage.
  • Check your BIOS's version using the tip in step #2.
  • Make sure your electricity current is connected securely.
  • Make sure you use the right software according to your system and not third-party tools that may hijack your PC.

Let's start.

3. The Version of Your BIOS

Open your Run prompt using the Windows+R keys on your keyboard then type in msinfo32, hit Enter.

update bios windows 10 free asus hp rog gamer 1 msinfo32 run ok

On the newly opened window, search for "BIOS Version/Date", there is your PC's BIOS version.

update bios windows 10 free asus hp rog gamer 2 bios version date

2. Using the Manufacturer's Program from the Official Site

If you are in a hurry, you can use your PC model ID to find the correct driver update for your BIOS, here is a list of the most popular PC brands "Download Centers" you can find online.

Or just use Google to search it like this: brand-name download center.

3. Using a USB Key

You can use a USB flash drive to restore your BIOS, for example if you have an HP computer follow this video:

4. Using BIOS

If you have a modern PC you can find a better way using the BIOS itself like this one.

There you have it, dear friend, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below ;)

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By Soufiane Sabiri

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