How to Transfer Files Using Wi-Fi from PC to Android

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Do you want to transfer your files from your PC over to your Android mobile using Wi-Fi?

What if I told you: You can transfer files without Wi-Fi direct, but using an actual FTP client over Wi-Fi?

To transfer files using FTP you will need only 1 app and an FTP client (FileZilla).

You can use this method with any operating system since FTP is universal.

There are multiple applications in Google Play that enable this kind of file transfer (FTP), we are going to use Cx File Explorer since it’s a Top Rated app in the store.

Let’s dive in!

Transfer Files Using FTP from PC to Android

Install Cx File Explorer on Your Android Device

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to create your FTP server so you can transfer files using an FTP client later on:

  • Open Google Play Store and search for Cx File Explorer (it has 10M+ downloads)
  • Install Cx File Explorer and launch the app
  • Go to the NETWORK tab and click on “Access from Computer
  • Click the button “START SERVICE“, you can set your own password if you want…
  • The URL will show up as follows: ftp://IPADRESS:PORT and below you fill find your USERNAME and PASSWORD

When you finish transferring your files stop the service for security reasons…

Install & Run FileZilla Client on Your PC

First, head to this page and click on the green Download FileZilla Client button:

After downloading start the installation process and confirm the Security Warning by clicking on “Run.”

Agree to the license agreement… and follow through the steps…

If you want to install FileZilla on a flash drive or in another location, you can change the Destination Folder by clicking on Browse

You will be prompted with some programs to install that you can decline if you don’t like them.

Connect to Your FTP Server & Transfer Your Files Wirelessly

Enter the information from the Cx File Explorer in the FileZilla client as follows:

You will be notified that your FTP connection is insecure, so don’t use this method in a public network.

Now drag and drop your files from and to your PC and enjoy your file transfer without USB cables…

There you have it, my friend, now you know how to actually transfer your files from Android to your PC and vice versa.

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