Top Websites to Get Online Certifications in 2021

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Over the years, people have started to get inclined towards certifications; they are small courses that help you on a beginner, intermediate or expert level to master a skill that you are keen to add to your resume, do as a hobby, enquire as a skill to boost your expertise, or even switch careers. These certifications can let you learn different talents in a short time, considering you do them from a trusted and official source. This is the reason we have written this article to give you a one-stop solution to getting the top free and paid certifications. Leading companies such as Twitter, Google, and Amazon, etc. no longer four-year degrees as long as you have the talent and expertise of getting the job done. This does not mean that you should not obtain a solid degree, but know that a certification is a cherry on top and everyone adores a cherry on top!

Before we get to the websites, it is important to mention that to complete your online certification; you will need the services of a high-speed internet provider. Therefore, if you are looking for one, we highly recommend Spectrum Internet plans because they come with amazing internet speeds and unlimited data so you can study as much as you want for your virtual degrees. With that said, let us discuss the best websites to get online certifications in 2021:

Google Analytics Academy

In today’s world, we need Google’s tool to function and in some cases ace our jobs, and Google Analytics Academy can help us do just that. The analytics tool helps study insights, traffics, demographics, and measure other things such as rankings of your website and it is a great tool to decipher how your website is doing; for example: what is the bounce rate, which page is less visited, etc. Six courses are offered and one has to get 80% to complete each course and move on to get the certification. Trust us, a Google Analytics Certified skill looks superb on your resume! Imagine getting a top certification free!

Our rating: 10/10

LinkedIn Learning

Success does not come easy and LinkedIn knows that! It knows how to polish individuals by sparkling up their business, communication, and creative skills through the expert courses it offers designed by the best minds for minds of all kinds. The course is free for the first month and you can cancel the trial anytime though we strongly recommend for you to complete it. After the free trial, you have to pay for the course. LinkedIn is top in its game and there is no denying that to drastically improve your chances of ending up with a white-collar job, you have to take this course!

Our rating: 10/10

Oxford Home Study Center

We all know that there are specific universities and other educational institutions known for a degree they give that they are top-rated for and the students specifically go there to study however if one cannot, then the Oxford Home Study Center steps in. It promotes distance learning through expert professionals of each subject virtually. Some of its courses are free and easily attainable whilst others are not, however you can sign up to see which you can do without any cost. We are all aware that Oxford is known for its remarkable in-depth courses.

Our rating: 10/10


This is perhaps the most popular and well-known website to learn online courses and get full-fledged degrees from the comfort of your home. It is well recognized and offers over 3900+ free online courses so that you can acquire course after course! There are also paid-for courses that you can access free if you have a student ID. To complete the certification, one needs to pass all the quizzes, and give the assessments.

Our rating: 10/10


This is a fast-paced platform where you can complete a course in hours! There are 16 different categories of courses offered from photography to major sciences – Alison has it all.

Our rating: 9/10


This website contains material from prestigious institutions and well-informed trainers and thousands of students are being taught online. The courses are regularly updated and well curated. It also has a section of the best Udemy courses until now. Lectures can go from up to 20 hours

Our rating: 9.5/10


This website is known for learning skills shared by others and teaching skills, you know to others. It allows you to gain expertise in concepts such as photography, graphic design, creative writing, coding, etc. You can get free access to it for some time but then you will have to pay for it.

Our rating: 8/10

Free Coding Courses

We all are aware that coding is a skill of the future and learning computer languages is so important these days if you want to excel in the IT industry or switch to learning tech. To make the most of this website, all you need is a stable internet connection and some concentration because within a few months you will be able to put your skills to practice. You can code and get instant feedback on it!

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