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How to Start a Blog and Make Money (Ultimate Tutorial)

WordPress 26 minutes to read
Last updated: May 2, 2022
make money blog start easy tutorial ultimate complete earn income

Do you want to create an amazing website using WordPress?

Are you looking for the easy way to start your own blog and make thousands of dollars monthly?

Do you want to travel anywhere and make money while sleeping?

Well, you are in the right tutorial.

In this COMPLETE and EASY TUTORIAL you will learn how to start a successful business using only a blog, thousands of bloggers worldwide are using internet to earn income online.

And you can become one of them! If they can do it, YOU CAN do it!

I'm going to show you the easy steps to follow in order to create the best website you can ever imagine starting from choosing the domain name, choosing the CMS and choosing the strategy that will make you a lot of money using only time and internet.

If you have an internet connection and time to write (you don't have to use your keyboard, I will show you how!) about your favorite topics then this is the best way to make passive income without any massive investments.

If you have any questions about this topic feel free to leave a comment down below and I will be very happy to answer.

This tutorial is the longest in internet and it's so complete you will never need anything more than this.

If you want to achieve success you have to split your big goals into small ones. The first step you have to take is to make the decision to create your first blog and if you created a blog before make sure you read this entire tutorial and follow the steps one by one in order to create a successful business in the internet.

The future is the internet and the future is NOW!!!

Make sure you make the decision NOW and write it as a goal in a piece of paper right now ;)

1. Congratulate Yourself for Starting Your Blogging Business

I want to welcome you to this humongous tutorial and want to thank you for making the decision, you are already a success if you have made the decision to become one!

Most people don't make the decision... most people are complaining about the economy or the government.

You are a success because you decided to make the future instead of complaining. 

Blogging is a very powerful tool for your business today and there are many reasons why.

Such as it allows you to :

  • connect with your audience
  • publish original content on a regular basis
  • get more clients to an existing business
  • help you influence people in many ways
  • make passive income

You can even start a blog as a hobby that can be turned into a profitable business.

Most people (90%) fail and I will tell you everything to succeed, because I have made it and you can make it too! Don't forget that quitters never win, and winners never quit ;) So save the URL of this tutorial if you can't make it in one read!

Why Choosing WordPress?

One of the first things you need to know and decide before starting your own blog is which platform suit for your goals and for your needs.

Because there are too many platforms coded in too many programming languages.

You can google a CMS comparison in terms of market share and you will find that WordPress occupies 60.4% of the market (in March 2020)!

It's a self hosting software that you need to install on your own hosting by yourself and you will have all the flexibility you are looking for.

You will also need to buy your own domain name (e.g easytutorial.com) from godaddy.com for example or whatever company you prefer.

WordPress.org is the official website where you can download your blogging software for free, and works great for those who want to go professional.

If you think that installing WordPress by yourself is a hard task to do then no worries you can use their online version available on their website which is also free. But this method is not recommended as you can not monetize your content and you will be limited in the long run, the key to earn money is to invest time and money.

If you want to go big the best is to host your own blog and use a domain name.

You also have Blogger available, it is one of the oldest blogging platforms that are still around and all you need is a Google account to start, so it's free 100%.

Tumblr is great for microblogging, it allows you to publish text as well as: images, videos, GIFs and so on... which work best for hobby bloggers, it's more like a social network.

Another use for blogging platform is Medium, it is free to use but has limited options on the design layout and do not allow you to use your own domain name. Medium offers hosting for your blog  nevertheless it is best for hobby bloggers or company blog that wants to post their blank space apart from the company's website.

I would like to present Squarespace as well because it is a software that works for website building and also for hosting a blog. Squarespace is not free but subscription-based so they offer many layout options and it is very easy to use, there's no learning curve needed and no design or coding experience necessary if you want to make a business out of your blog.

Finally I will present you WordPress, it is a free downloadable software and the only thing you need besides the domain name (which costs less than a dozen bucks - for a .com - btw) is the hosting or server where all the files will reside.

The cost of the hosting will depend on how much traffic are you expecting to receive.

What WordPress Plugins Will You Need?

Now that you have decided which blog software you want to use (WordPress), it's time to spice it up.

Here is a list for essential plugins every blog should have:

  • Akismet Anti-Spam: comes pre-installed with WordPress which help stop spammy comments in your website.
  • Rank Math SEO: improves your SEO titles and customizes how your search results appear in Google and other search engines.
  • Classic Editor: enables the legacy editor in WordPress.
  • Imsanity: reduces image sizes to speed up loading.
  • WordFence Security: protects your blog from attacks and viruses.
  • WP External Links: adds nofollow attributes to external links with exceptions.

You can install your blog by following this tutorial, it's easy!

2. How to Make Money with a Blog in Less than 6 Months

Your Blogging Goals should be Written, Remembered and Achieved!

Making money with a Blog requires lot of traffic, so the first thing you want to do is acquiring organic traffic from search engines. To do so you have to focus on providing great content on your website but first what kind of content you need to provide.

Before you begin writing like crazy there are just a few things that you need to take care of them.

It's the topic of your blog!

Even if it is not a bad idea to blog about several topics on your brand new blog, you would definitely be more successful if you narrow it down to a more specific Niche.

You should know that people usually search the web to solve a problem or to find an answer to a question. That's the main reason why blogs that focus on a specific matter are more successful than those that don't.

It's like showing the world that you are an expert and know what you're talking about, and this will make your visitors recommend you to other people which ignites the Word of Mouth.

Perhaps you need to write down things you know most about that can help people solve their problems or maybe ask yourself what you are really passionate about.

Don't panic if it's impossible to cover absolutely everything on your niche, I'm sure there are many things to write about.

Perhaps you have another angle or just a different fresh new style that will attract many visitors...

I recommend you visit other blogs that cover your Niche. This will help you get ideas for posts and also identify what they are doing right and follow the example by design.

If you steal one idea it's copying, if you steal many ideas it's research. So make sure you steal many ideas, mix them in your brain then produce good content worth sharing!

Get inspired and do your own thing on your blog, this will also allow you to get a sense of what is being covered and what is not.

Fill in the holes of your Niche by talking about things that other blogs left blank, this way you will earn your way to the first page of Google search for specific subjects.

In order to get organic traffic you have to make the first page of search results your goal, most traffic (75%) comes from there.

Because when you know exactly what you want to achieve with your blog and when you want to achieve it then you can!

Define things like:

  • how many visits would like to have on a daily basis (use Google Analytics)
  • how would you inform your audience about your blog (e.g youtube, facebook group, forums, instagram)
  • what is your Alexa rank goal (e.g #100.000)
  • how many articles you intend to publish in the first 3 months (at least 100 or 150)
  • how much you want your online business to generate monthly (e.g $4.000/month)
  • how are you going to generate income (e.g advertising, sponsoring, affiliate, product launch, brand merch)
  • when will you achieve these goals (e.g 12/31/2023)

The way I define my goals is I write them in a piece of paper as if I already achieved them...

This is an example:

On the day of 12/31/2022 my website xxx is getting 3.000 unique visitors per day, I made 50 videos on youtube and have 2.000 active members in my Facebook group, the website is ranked 50.000 in alexa and contains 120 posts published and generating $3.000 per month through advertising and affiliate links.

After setting the big goal or as we may say the vision, break it down to monthly and daily small achievable goals. Everyday write 3 things to do in the next day before you go to sleep, this way you will achieve more than just keeping everything in your head.


This way you program your subconscious mind to work while you sleep on your goals, your subconscious mind will solve most of the problems for you.

Sometimes in your journey you will need to write short blog posts, but make sure to publish longer versions as those are the kind of content most likely to get highly ranked like this ultimate tutorial, give everything you got in order to achieve your goals.

The Secret to a Successful Branding for Your Blog!

Branding is not only a business name, a logo and a mantra... by the way if you don't know how to make those two you can hire a graphic designer and a business consultant in Fiverr, it will cost you nothing to get a proper logo.

Although a logo and a design are important to help your customers and visitors find you, branding is completely different.

We are in times of scarcity of attention, everyone is distracted by their social-media-news-feed.

Personally I removed 3k "friends" from my Facebook account just to clear the clutter and start with a fresh thinking, I encourage you to do the same as this will help you become more focus and you will notice that you will start spending less time in meaningless activities.

Back to branding, your brand name or domain name should be:

  • easy to spell
  • easy to remember
  • giving an idea about the content
  • containing one keyword at least

For example if your blog is about marketing you can include the keyword "marketing" with another word or letter, make sure you register a .com domain name because it's more valuable and has significant weight when it comes to internet in general.

I will share with you in the future how to create a proper logo from scratch but your can try Fiverr to save time and money.

A brand is not what your business say about itself, it's what people think & say about your business! Kinda like Word of Mouth!

3. Writing Amazing Blog Posts and the Art of Copy-writing

Blogging for People & Machines in Web 3.0

Before the internet existed and more specifically before blogs and social media invented only book writers and journalists had the power to communicate.

Bloggers write about many topics and share their opinions for everyone else in the world to read today.

Thanks to artificial intelligence we live in the era of the Web 3.0, not only humans are interacting and reading our content but also computers nowadays!

This is why Google doesn't need your meta keywords anymore to determine how relevant your content is compared to other competitors, you have to write content that is original and offering solutions or help to readers.

Make sure you are writing for humans and machines will understand you.

During my studies we learned how to extract sentiments and topics and related URLs only using Text Mining & Data Mining. If robots can understand your content sometimes better than humans can, you better write some amazing content because this is the only way you will get traffic.

So make sure your grammar and spelling are perfect, use sufficient amount of keywords to tell your visitors & Search Engines about your blog.

One thing to keep in mind is that writing style must be casual in a blog, write as if you are talking to your best friend. In an article formality comes first, not in a blog post.

A post is written around keywords to have a better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this is why articles written in paper journals and magazines are different.

The tone is usually more relaxed, the goal is to let your readers feel that you were talking directly to them and that you are a friend who wants to help them solve a problem.

The truth is we're all very emotional to individuals with feeling, so emotions will also make your content more shareable.

Make your readers feel important, that you actually care about them, and establish an emotional connection with them, help your readers understand your blog and ultimately they will start talking about your brand... ... THIS IS BRANDING.

Keywords are Key Words for a Successful Blog!

Words are very important for your blog post!

When anyone does a search on a search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing for instance they type in words related to what they are looking for...

So if you want to appear on these searches you should publish content that contain keywords related to what your blog is about.

Try imagining yourself inside the head of your target audience and doing a search that would lead to your blog, ask yourself:

  • What would these people ask?
  • What do they want to know?
  • What words would they write in the search engine?
  • What are the problems they might need help in?

Do this every time you want to write a piece of content.

Also I have a trick for you to get an unfair advantage over the competition... When you search in Google, Google will suggest you words as you type in your search box, those suggestions ARE ACTUALLY what other people typed in the past ordered by popularity!

So use Google Search suggestions to your advantage and write titles & content that answer those questions!

Focus on using just one or two keyword phrases in each post to maximize traffic.

In the main content for better results try including one within the first 160 characters and then also several times throughout your post.

You can also include keywords in links in your blog post, some experts believe that Google pay more attention to the part of a text that have links. This is your chance to take action and add genuine authority links to your posts.

If you have images to add don't hesitate, especially if you name them right and include keywords as title tag in those images. This will get you more traffic from Google Images!

For your site's speed, make sure you use .jpg for large images and .png for small and images of screenshots. WordPress offer image clipping/resizing to reduce the size of images, you can also use the plugin Imsanity we talked about before to reduce file sizes.

Also consider that highly specific keyword phrases usually are a lot easier to write than more general keywords.

You just have to do a little bit of homework of keyword research using Keyword Planner and it will give you great ideas of which key words or phrases could work best for your blog.

google keyword planner ads easy tutorial

Keyword Planner will also give you information on how many average monthly searches you would get in Google. The data is extracted from Google Ads.

Create Eye-Catchy Titles for Your Amazing Content!

One way to write great content on your blog is to get people to read what you post and gain traffic from everywhere including social media.

This is where titles come handy!

Because they are they are the first thing people will read before clicking to see the entire post.

When it comes to the title of the post:

  1. First, I start with a keywords centric title,
  2. then I develop the content of the post using Google Doc's Voice2Speech Tool as a draft using my condenser microphone,
  3. then I correct the title with a better one,
  4. then I add punctuation and formatting and images (including a catchy thumbnail) to my post,
  5. then I PUBLISH!

This is the way Mcdonads make their burgers, it's process oriented!

Another great thought that I can give you is to make your headline tweetable. Yes! Just like it sounds ;)

Optimize it so it can fit in a tweet completely, since Twitter only allow 140 characters you need to consider the permalink to your post. Try to keep the title around 60 characters.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For The Win (FTW)!

One of the things you should keep in mind when working on your post is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Choosing the right keywords and titles are not the only things that help with your SEO, it's the whole experience!

For a good SEO you need to:

  • Choose the perfect domain name
  • Use SSL certificate (https)
  • Make sure your site is loading fast (1-2 sec's, use Gtmetrix to measure your site speed)
  • Have all your images have title attributes
  • Provide original content
  • Use H1, H2 & H3 Tags for your content
  • Solve problems of your readers
  • Get traffic from social media (Youtube is the #2 website in the world!)
  • Get backlinks from authority websites
  • Have a responsive WordPress theme for mobile (or use AMP for WP plugin)

Make sure you check your competitors and what techniques they are using to get more success, for instance some will try using Email marketing and build an email list to contact weekly with the news, or maybe you can start a podcast, these are not SEO techniques but certainly can help you get more momentum with your blog!

Some Tools to Help Your Blog Flourish!

In order to get an advantage over your competitors you need to use tools that not everyone use, this will help you save more time and be more productive!

Here is a list of websites and tools you can use to get inspiration and build better blogging experience for your visitors:

  • Quora: use this website to get inspiration about what people ask.
  • Portent Title Maker: create amazing titles using this ideas generator.
  • Twitter Trending: get an idea about what people are talking about worldwide.
  • Trello: organize your tasks using this amazing tool.
  • Evernote: keep your notes synchronized.
  • Google Docs: use voice2speech to write your drafts.
  • Google Forms: make custom market investigation to know more about your visitors.
  • Google Drive: store your files in the cloud.
  • Google Trends: get an idea about what people search in each country.
  • Google Keyword Planner: find out keyword ideas for your content.
  • Todoist: create todo lists in your phone.
  • Egg Timer: organize your time.
  • Grammarly: correct grammar and spelling errors as you type.
  • Canva: create amazing images without design experience.
  • Gimp: free photoshop.

Just google the name of the tool and you will find it, some are websites others are apps.

4. Content Strategy is Key for Your Blog's Success

People Don't Read, Keep This in Mind ;)

The first thing you should know about creating content for your blog is that people don't read, instead they SCAN the text.

Also it is not the same thing writing for something that will be printed compared to something that will be posted online...

In order to be able to persuade your visitors to read your text you must know that they are hungry for information and you don't want to waste their time.

Because digital readers are in a hurry and they need to know if they can find what they're looking for on your blog or not.

Try to put the most important information first, the main reason is that people need to see what your post is about immediately so they don't feel like going somewhere else.

Then develop information throughout the rest of your post, don't forget your H1, H2 and H3 tags to split your content.

Make sure your words are as straightforward and concise as you can.

Write as if you are talking to a best friend or your grandma, don't use complicated phrasing to show-off your level of english. This is the art of copywriting!

Let your post marinade for a while before publishing it. After you have finished reading your first job, come back at it after a while and read it again. This way, you will be able to correct possible grammar and spelling mistakes that you did not notice right away!

Do your research and make sure your provide genuine information, make your intention to provide as much help as you can and you will be a SUCCESS ;)

Create Amazing Content, Daily, Weekly or Monthly!

One of the differences between a hobby blogger from a professional blogger is that the professionals work with a publishing schedule.

You can use Google Calender to organize yourself to write in a schedule, this will allow you to know in what order you will accomplish the goals you want to achieve.

First of all, you must decide how often would you like to publish the posts? Is it daily? weekly? monthly?

If you are going to publish weekly or monthly, you need to provide thorough and ultimate blog posts. The minimum you want to publish in terms of words for a daily blog is 1000 words.

It all depends on how much time you have available for your blogging business and what your goals are.

Like I just mentioned a good way to start is to have a minimal posting frequency and slowly building in momentum.

If you decide to blog a lot from the start you might burn out too quickly!

It's better to focus on doing the best you can as soon as you start and then slowly write more and more.

The most important thing in blogging is consistency!

Once a day or once a week you should remain faithful to your schedule because blogging could be hard at the beginning. But once you build momentum it will get easier and after a few months you will not need to blog anymore ;)

I recommend that you read the book The Compound Effect, you will learn that great things need momentum, the results may not show immediately. But by working you are actually planting seeds that will later become crops then trees! A tree doesn't grow in a day or a week, but in months!

Try Different Types of Content in Your Blog's Ecosystem!

When you begin your blogging journey you might think that all you can post are the articles that answer a question or give information about a topic.

The truth is that there are many types of content you can create.

For example you can:

  • Make a video on Youtube about your blog post, this is the best way to get massive traffic for free.
  • Write an email to your newsletter subscribers, use MailChimp as an autoresponder for example.
  • Write a chronicle about something happened to you, this will help you connect with your visitors and build a community.
  • Post in Pinterest and other social media networks to build backlinks and traffic, Pinterest is underrated and many bloggers are using it to get lot of traffic.
  • Provide a PDF version of your blog posts, or write an eBook to give for free or to sell.
  • Create an info-graphic, info-graphics are shared like crazy and can be posted anywhere, think of Linkedin.

These are just some examples, you can think outside the box and come up with new types of content to keep your blog rich and you community hungry for more types of content!

Get Inspiration and Wisdom for Better Blogging!

After embracing your new writer status you will see that every now and then you will need to get inspired.

For your ideas to begin to flow and for improving your blogging level, gathering new ideas and inspiration are always needed every now and then.

The information is also part of the writing process believe it or not.

What can you do to allow the inspiration to kick in?

Here are some few tips and tricks to get more inspiration:

  • Surf the web, see what your competitors are sharing, you can use an RSS feed aggregator.
  • Check the hashtags, nowadays all major social networks use hashtags, use the ones that relate to your business to gain insight and inspiration.
  • Listen to music frequently, listening to music will stimulate your neurons and make you more creative.
  • Eat clean healthy food and exercise regularly, if you don't feel good you can't think clearly, so make sure you eat healthy and exercise.
  • Watch YouTube videos, learning by watching and listening is way more productive than reading.
  • Use Brainstorming, take a piece of paper and write what crosses your mind without too much thinking, then use what you have written to come up with ideas.
  • Ask your friends or readers, sometimes the best advisers are the people around you, use that to your advantage.

You can also follow motivational pages in Facebook and Instagram to get more motivation.

Unfollow News pages to avoid negative thinking as much as possible, unfollow people who share negative talk and gossip.

You become what you think about most of the time!

Don't forget to reward yourself once a week or once a month by watching a movie in the cinema or by going outside to take a deep breath of fresh air, this will improve your blood flow and make your inspiration grow.

5. Build High Traffic for Your Blog

Leverage Social Media and Grow Your Business

To promote your blog without spending a lot of money - in the get go - you can participate on social media communities that relate to your blog.

Otherwise just keep writing great content and in a couple of months Google robots will crawl and archive your blog and start generating organic traffic from search results.

Youtube is the leading social media platform out there, getting ranked in Youtube is way much easier than getting ranked in Google. Make sure you make a video a week with a good Description with tons of keywords for users to find you. Also don't forget to add a link to your blog post to generate traffic.

You should engage with people that care and are interested about the same things you are.

You need to sound as natural as possible and participate on existing posts and stay active ;)

Research trending hashtags related to your blog on a regular basis and subscribe to your competitors in social media, be friend with them, cooperate with them, this way you will drive more traffic to your blog.

Share every single post in your ecosystem using a plugin such as Social Networks Auto-Poster this way you keep your community up-to-date.

Don't forget to use hashtags when sharing especially and make sure to use proper images when sharing especially in Instagram and Pinterest.

One other way to get more traffic is through email marketing, use MailChimp, add a Subscribe to Newsletter form to your WordPress blog using a plugin, in WordPress there is a plugin for everything you want to do, in case you don't find a plugin just hire a PHP developer and he will help code it for you.

Ask your subscribers directly if there is anything you can help them with, not only would it help you engage with your readers, but it can also give you an idea of what kind of content you can create.

Send fresh new emails without becoming spammy and provide as much value as you can, respond to questions and build a strong relationship. If you can't answer ask them to write a comment, this is free content for your site!

Great Design Always Wins!

You don't have to be a designer to have a beautiful looking blog, there are many ways you can enhance your blog to make it visually appealing.

Earlier in this ultimate tutorial we talked about the importance of branding... We talked about the logo and brand name or domain name, these are essential to differentiate your brand from the competition.

As you can see in this website (easytutorial.com), we are using two colors, no more, no less.

You can go with one color like Facebook and Twitter did, or you can go with four like Google.

The secret is to respect your color palette and focus on simplicity, don't over complicate things. If you find a great theme in themeforest then get it and adapt it so it looks likes your overall brand.

Great designs give calmness to your readers, this way they will come again and again and again.

Don't forget your secret weapon when it comes to design, the color gray!

The color gray gives feeling of security and professionalism. I use it whenever I can in all my designs.

Using a favicon is also essential to your branding, use a catchy and simple favicon, this will help your visitors find your blog when they have many tabs open.

Also some bloggers like to add their digital signature at the bottom of each post to make it more personal. You can do it too if you like and it may increase the engagement with your readers if you ask them to leave a comment.

Remember that your visitors have 3 seconds to decide if they read your content or not, so be sure to have an attractive and simple design overall. Don't be a go getter, be a go giver!

Comments are Free Content!

If your blog is receiving comments it is a sign that it is being read so kudos for that!

First thing to do is use Akismet plugin to get rid of bad comments and mark them as SPAM. Secondly make sure you to each and every comment posted, this will encourage others to write comments in your blog which will lead to an increase in your traffic, because comments are free content and people may search using terms written by your commentators!

If you don't like a comment just remove it, don't try to answer this will ruin your reputation.

In WordPress you can allow comments to be published only after you accept them, this way you can make sure to publish only the right ones.

6. Web Marketing and Monetization for Your Blog Business

Web Marketing in the Era of Web 3.0

Launching your block is the first step of your blogging journey. After this great moment takes place, it's time for you to think about marketing.

At this point you have:

  • Written your blogging and business goals on paper
  • Bought a domain name and web hosting
  • Installed WordPress
  • Created a logo and chosen a theme
  • Prepared a schedule for writing +100 blog posts

Now it's time for marketing, the truth is you have to do all these and marketing should follow with each step.

It's not linear thinking stuff like a 9-5 job. You have to do everything at the same time, especially writing the blog posts, marketing should start with your 10th if not your first post.

If you have a budget you can hire a writer to help you in the writing so you can focus on preparing videos on Youtube and other social media platforms. But don't forget that you are the main actor in all this, don't publish any article until you read it and correct everything you need to.

Personally I like writing by myself, I find it relaxing and it's my passion to share what I learn, this way I make information more deep in my mind and soul.

You can also organize LIVE events on Facebook Live or Instagram to answer your follower's questions. Ask them to take a picture and tag you in Twitter just like Garyvee did with his follower in the corona epidemic times, he called the show Tee with Garyvee.

You can learn about the art of influencing and leadership to become a better influencer and gain more popularity.

If you are an introvert blogging can save you time and make you a success because you don't need to go outside, you can become a millionaire just sitting in your house and providing great content to your community!

Never underestimate the power of media when it comes to interviews even if you are not paid, make sure you invite others to talk with you in a video format (use Skype) and transform it to a written blog post conversation thanks to Fiverr for a few bucks.

Don't forget the father of all marketing, Word of Mouth!

When people start talking about you, even haters, success starts to build.

Make sure you check what people say about you in internet by searching your domain name without your site URL in Google.

Like this: easytutorial.com -site:easytutorial.com

google search easytutorial

How to Monetize Your Blog!

I have talked about how to make money with a blog, but I want to go deeper in the end of this ultimate tutorial.

I know the reason you are here is to learn how to be a professional blogger but most importantly how to make a business with your blog.

You have come a long way by setting everything up and doing your very best to promote your website and yourself as a blogger.

Now it's time to talk about how to monetize all your effort and begin to get something back out of it.

To make things clear and easy for you, here is a list of ways you can follow to monetize your blog and make money online like a boss:

  • Google Adsense: you get paid by placing banners in your pages, you will earn per click (CPC) and per thousand views (CPM).
  • Ezoic: Better than Google AdSense, use it when you reach 10k visitors per month.
  • Amazon Affiliates: place links to products that are related to your posts.
  • Affiliate Links: lot of websites have affiliate systems to promote their business, promote only products of high quality and high value.
  • Product Launch: you can create a product in form of a course or an eBook.
  • One to One Coaching: you can offer consulting and coaching to your customers and generate income.
  • Sponsored Posts: you can write them and generate $100 per post, you can earn more by getting more traffic.
  • Ask for Donations: if you are a developer you can provide free software and ask for donations.

If you have any other way to monetize your blog feel free to leave a comment down below.

Track Everything Along the Way of Blogging

Once you started blogging it will be crucial for you to measure everything, like:

  1. traffic (how many unique visitors/page views)
  2. most visited URLs
  3. bounce rate
  4. traffic source (organic, social media, direct)
  5. new visitors vs recurrent visitors

I recommended you to install a Google analytics code in all the pages of your blog, you can put it in the file header.php (in <head> tag) in your WordPress theme.

Measure how many comments you are getting, how many likes and subscribers you are receiving.

Track everything you can track, if you are using MailChimp for your emailing campaigns you can track how many subscribers did open your emails.

Finally, Share with Me Your Thoughts!

Please leave a comment below this ultimate tutorial and I will be very happy to answer, we can start a conversation!

Tell me what are your thoughts, what did you find difficult in your blogging journey and if you are in your way to success let me know!

Thanks for reading and sharing and see you in the next tutorial ;)

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