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SelfishNet: Limit Internet Speed of Wi-Fi Users

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Do you want to improve your ping when playing your favorite FPS Steam game?

Do you suffer from low speed because of too many family members connected to the same network?

Do you want to limit their internet speed so you can download or play at your ease?

Someone created a program called SelfishNet that does all you are looking for, you can even block them from using internet but this is not what I want you to do.

Use this software at your own risk, if you get a divorce don’t blame me!

SelfishNet is currently available in Web Archive and you can download it for free, it will allow you to get full control over your network, ethernet included.

You can control the bandwidth of everyone connected to your network through a technique called network spoofing. Basically the program will send “fake packets” to your network to control each network card in it and how much it should upload and download.

Using this free software you will be able to set how much speed can anyone in the network get (upload/download).

I will also show you how to prevent someone from limiting your internet, if you are the victim.

Let’s go!

SelfishNet: Best Tool to Limit Internet Speed of Network

Start by downloading your free copy of SelfishNet from

Just click on the RAR link to download, you will need 7-zip to extract the .rar file.

selfishnet v2 archive download

Open the folder SelfishNet Win 7 & Up and you will find the .exe file.

selfishnet limit internet speed network wi fi free easy 001

Right-click on your program (SelfishNetv0.2-beta_vista.exe) and choose “Properties“.

selfishnet limit internet speed network wi fi free easy 0

In Compatibility tab, select “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and choose “Windows 7” in the dropdown list.

selfishnet limit internet speed network wi fi free easy 02

Choose your Wi-Fi or Network Card. Click “Ok“.

selfishnet limit internet speed network wi fi free easy 1

Click the first icon multiple times until you get a list of all the computers and phones and devices connected to your network.

Enter the maximum Download Cap and Upload Cap in KB, you can also Block them from connecting to internet.

selfishnet limit internet speed network wi fi free easy 2

Click in the “Thunder” icon button to start spoofing the network.

selfishnet limit internet speed network wi fi free easy 3

Enjoy your internet speed!

If someone is using this program, you can either run it by yourself too, this will prevent them from slowing your internet speed, it’s a battle. Or you can temporarily change your network card MAC address. You can also follow my tutorial on how to protect yourself from ARP spoofing.

There you have it ;)

Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • Tina says:

    Hello, and thank you so much for all of your articles. I have been going through them all and am currently under attack via a ARP attack via a neighbour. I was wondering if you have any tips for an iPhone 12 user? The attacker is preventing me from being able to connect to my wifi at all (I can easily connect to any other wifi network) with my computer via wifi, Ethernet does work but the ARP attacks are continuous. It seems there is very little that I can find for my iphone to defend or detect or anything for that matter. Any suggestions at all in regards to Bandwith, or ARP attack related matters would be highly appreciated. I’ve been under attack for months and can rarely use my own wifi network at all. The highest of security measures have been taken, including only allowing for two openings in the lan and changing super long, complicated, password frequently, WPA2/3+AES. My local Geek Squad even tried setting up my network for me and by morning, this jerk had changed the whole set up and locked me out of half of it. I am using XARP on my computer but can only do so over the Ethernet and I have no idea if it is even intended to be used as such.

    Tina. :D

  • ALVARO says:

    My problem is that I do all the steps and when I see the data they only dial numbers from 0 to 9, that is, it is impossible that I can limit the speed with that data that appears to me ;-(

  • dave says:

    how do i lower their Speed if they’re uSing ethernet and im uSing wireleSSly(their device don’t Show up)

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