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Best Secrets to Succeed in Life

Business 9 minutes to read
Last updated: January 28, 2024
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Starting an online business is the trend since the pandemic occurred, a lot of businesses shut down and others are opening.

Whenever a door closes another door opens, keep this in mind.

Personally, I started my first online website when I had only 13 years old, I created a flash games website using only HTML and CSS, the games I downloaded from a very known website as .swf files if I remember...

My first successful business was a french blog I created when I discovered WordPress, before WordPress I was using ImpressCMS (based on Xoops), he wasn't user-friendly and the content was hard to provide (a lot of coding required since very small community).

I started blogging about what I knew back then, computers, I was the only geek who knows how to code in PHP back then in my High-School. I won first prize in a competition where I built and hosted an entire website in a single day. I won a small HP Mini that I used to write tutorials in the faculty of Science in Casablanca.

Having reached success multiple times both in business and studies, led me to write about my personal secrets that I follow on each venture.

Here are my secrets all in one place for any entrepreneur who wants to start his online or offline business, even if you are offline you must create your own website or mobile applications to scale worldwide and gain insight and know what's up in the world of business outside your country.

And read this quote from the man himself, Elon Musk:


"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor." Elon Musk

1. Start Somewhere, You Will Connect the Dots Later

In life, we learn the lessons after, not before like in school...

So when you decide to start a business you should keep in mind that you are going to fail no matter what, only losers don't fail, winners fail multiple times until they no longer fail because of expertise and wisdom built after years of craft.

2. Visualize the End Result

Sit down in a quiet place and just imagine your goal achieved, what will the place you live in look like? What will you be eating? How your wife will look like? What colors will your website use? What is the brand of your dream car? What about the interior? How will it feel to drive it? Imagine!

As Brian Tracy says in his seminars, imagine you have a magic wand that can make you achieve anything. Just imagine and visualize, because the mind doesn't make any difference between your imagination and reality.

If you can't visualize anything or you can't imagine, this means you are a left-brainer, you can increase your creativity by listening to music and change your routine daily and make sure to do creative tasks like drawing or singing.

You can increase your creativity just like any other skill, you just need to be a misfit and try new things every time you feel bored.

Personally, I listen to all sorts of music, Moroccan (my home country), Tunisian, American, French, Spanish, Japanese, Latino, African, Russian, etc. This helps my creativity stay in shape so I can do creative tasks with high levels of originality.

Creative people steal ideas, they don't copy... Thomas Edison wasn't the first to start inventing the light bulb, but he was the first successful inventor who created the light bulb that didn't break for a long period of time.

Steve Jobs used to walk barefoot in College before he dropped out to found Apple with his fellow Steve Wozniak.

3. Improve Your Time Management

Time is your precious resource that is non-reimbursable, once it's spent it can never come back.

Use your time wisely by learning how to manage your life, there are tasks that are repeated throughout the day, make sure you group those tasks in order to complete them fast.

If you are a blogger, write all your blog posts in a single sitting with small pauses, you can work nonstop for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. Do this to finish all your daily tasks fast and enjoy the rest of your day with your family and beloved ones.

4. Do It Now

Whenever you get an idea or thought about something, jump on it immediately and don't leave it for the next day.

If it's a long task start with something and complete it later, I do this with blog ideas, whenever I have a blog post idea I create a new post with the title and an introduction. Now I don't have to bother about starting it because I already have, I only need to complete it.

5. Motivate Yourself Daily

If you don't have an Instagram account you are missing big time. There is a lot of success & business Instagram accounts that you can follow to get your daily dose of motivation...

You can watch motivational YouTube videos but they will require you to sit and watch and dissect the content, this will also consume a lot of your internet bandwidth if you are using a 4G/5G modem.

Back in the day, I used to read a small book by Brian Tracy that had a series of quotes, but Instagram is very useful in this way.

6. Burn the Bridges, Take Risks

If you don't take risks in life you will be doomed to failure, taking risks is essential for success.

Also, follow your heart, you may suffer in the beginning but trust me things will start to make sense after a while, Steve Jobs said it in a video:

7. Sharpen Your Thinking By Reading

Whenever you feel you are getting left behind, the first thing you should do is start reading again.

This will help you learn from the mistakes of others, most people succeed when they are older, those who succeeded young like Mark Zuckerberg were an anomaly in the Matrix.

So make sure you learn from the experts and businessmen who did it so you can do it too.

8. Build Momentum and Keep It

Momentum is what keeps your business going, but first, you need to build it, and man it's hard...

For a website, the momentum hits when your site starts receiving traffic from Google and other search engines... But when you start your website you will have 0 visitors, you have to do all it takes to build momentum...

When you have built the momentum life becomes easier, make sure to keep it by adjusting and updating your internal processes and innovating.

Microsoft kept pushing new versions of its software until it reached momentum and Windows became a success story, now every PC uses Windows or Linux, Apple fanboys use Mac OS.

The same goes with Google, is Google the first search engine? No! But they kept pushing until they reached momentum and they didn't stop there... they kept pushing through research and studies and outreach...

Now we live in the age of Cloud Computing, the Cloud doesn't exist but it's a notion we give to servers we don't know where they are because today data centers are everywhere and we use online services like never before...

9. Focus on One Task at a Time

When you do something, focus on it until finished, don't do multiple tasks at a time.

If you try to catch 2 rabbits you will catch none.

So make sure you do one single task at a time, including chatting and messaging... Social media networks are consuming a lot of people's time and cause major distractions in the workplace...

Turn off your mobile's internet when working on a major task until finished... you will get more joy and fulfillment by completing your business tasks than from watching meaningless TikToks.

10. Set Big Goals and Split Them

Make your dreams into big goals that are achievable and time-frame limited, you can search for S.M.A.R.T. goals.

The reason I set my goals big is to keep me motivated, small goals never motivated me... The same goes for you...

In fact, we are all the same, just different colors and religions...

I believe in humankind and people should unite and make philosophy our way to communicate instead of symbols and labels... that's my personal opinion, you can have your own ideas and that's fine...

Split your big goals into small monthly and daily goals until you find the first step, then start and opportunities will come, trust me, they will come because opportunities come in the form of work.

11. Opportunities Will Come

You will never spot an opportunity if you weren't ready or seeking it.

Everyone receives a dozen opportunities per year but only a few spot them and take advantage of them.

An opportunity will come in the form of a business idea, a loved one, a job, a degree, a relief from a disease, anything...

Make sure you are listening on port :life to detect the opportunity when it hits your door. This sentence only computer enthusiasts will understand.

12. Be Grateful to God

Gratitude is the key to life fulfillment.

Make sure you are grateful to God first, then towards your parents.

Society will not help you reach gratitude, because everyone is busy with their problems and social misfortunes...

Only God and your parents will be there when you need help, your friends will be there only when you ask them. Otherwise, be always grateful to God and you will be always in good mood.

If you don't believe in God, be grateful towards the Universe. God is not an object, God is energy, infinite energy.

13. Apply Kaizen

Whenever you want to do something do it and improve it every day.

You will never reach perfection from the beginning, you must apply Kaizen which is a Japanese concept meaning Improve Constantly.

I do this on my websites, I start with a theme and I keep updating it every week until I am satisfied with it, I don't like to buy themes from Themeforest because I don't have full control over the user experience and design, so I decided I will build a custom theme for every website I build, this may change in the future, but at least this is how I feel myself.

14. You Are in Competition With Yourself

Don't compare yourself to other people, some may have inherited a small amount or received help from family, you are not like other people.

Instead, you should compare yourself to your older self, do it in a way to improve yourself every day, and have tracking of where you are moving.

15. Collaborate With Your Competitors

Instead of competing with the other brands do collaborations with them.

In the case of a YouTube channel you can make a YouTube video on both channels, this way his followers will follow your channel and your followers will follow his, it's a WIN/WIN situation.

16. Set a Vision, a Mission, and Plan Daily Goals

Ask yourself these questions about your dream.

  • Why?
  • How?
  • What & Who?

The Why' response is the mission, the How is the vision and the What & Who are the goals and the people you should work with.

17. Go The Extra Mile

Always do extra, go the extra mile.

The winners in life don't do only their job, but they do more than they are paid, this way they get more success.

18. Keep It Simple, Stupid

Whenever you try to achieve something keep it simple, don't overcomplicate things.

This can be applied to everything especially logo design or web design in general.

Look at YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, they are simply simple!

So make sure you don't overcomplicate things and use a simple design, also make sure your goals are simple that even a kid can understand them.

19. Do the Opposite of Losers

If you are surrounded by losers and you can't concentrate or motivate yourself, just do the opposite of what they do.

Or at least avoid doing what they do...

20. Reward Yourself After

Whenever you accomplish a task reward yourself by eating something sweet (not a lot, and don't forget to brush your teeth!), this way you will train your mind into achieving more goals and reaching new visions in your life.


These are my 20 secrets that I kept to myself up until now, can you tell me in the comments below what are your favorite ones?

If you have any questions about success and business in general please leave a comment below.

Also, you can share this tutorial with one of your friends, I appreciate your help.

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