How to Remove Personal Data (EXIF) From Photos on Windows 10

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As you may know, when you take a picture using your Smartphone or a digital camera, lot of metadata like the date it was taken, GPS coordinates and camera model will be added to the photo. Hence this data doesn’t appear on the picture right-away, you can still access it from image Properties window.

By going to image details, you can find information such as the camera model, camera manufacturer, date, lens manufacturer, lens model, flash maker, flash model, camera serial number, GPS information (latitude, longitude, and altitude), photo resolution and bit depth.

In addition, it might also include aperture, f-stop, ISO speed, exposure bias, focal length, brightness and other settings used to capture the photo.

This information can be rendered very useful especially if you want to know the exact location and camera settings used to take the photo.

By removing these personal information, you can reduce the file size a bit and also can be useful in case you want to share it on social networks like facebook.

The good news is that this can be done without using any third party programs. But this method is limited and won’t be as powerful as third-party tools.

Remove Personal Data from Pictures in Windows 10

Step 1: Right-click on the picture file from which you want to delete personal information and picture properties. Click Properties option.

If you want to remove personal data from multiple photos, select them all, right-click, choose Properties and do the same steps as below.

Switch to the tab “Details” and click on “Remove Properties and Personal Information“.

Here you will get two options:

  • Create a copy with all possible properties removed:
    This option will let you create a copy of the image without personal data, this is fast to use and will keep the original image unmodified.
  • Remove the following properties from this file:
    Use this option if you want to choose which information to remove and if you want to alter the changes to the image itself.

Just click “OK” and the work should be done.

In case you have chosen the first option, a copy of the image will be created in the same folder as the old one.

That’s it!

If you have any questions regarding meta data and pictures in Windows 10 feel free to post a comment down below!

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