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How to Reduce HiberFile Size on Windows 10

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Lot of Windows 10 users use hibernate feature to boot quickly into Windows while resuming their work. You can enable hibernation in your Windows 10 PC by following the guide we have written earlier.

When you have hibernation enabled, Windows will create a file named hiberfil.sys in your system drive (e.g C:), which stores the content of your RAM when you hibernate your PC.

If you have a huge size hiberfil.sys and you want to reduce its size to gain some disk space, then this guide will help you do that.

For instance, the hiberfile.sys is taking 6.38GB of space on my PC with 16 GB of RAM. We recommend that you keep at least 70% of the percentage of the original hiberfile.sys size.

Reduce the Size of hiberfil.sys File in Windows 10

Right-click on Start and choose “Command Prompt (Admin)” or search for CMD and run the command prompt as admin.

hiberfile 1 cmd administrator

To reduce the size of “hiberfil.sys (hibernation file) by 60% use one of the following commands:

powercfg –h –size %60 powercfg /h /type reduced

hiberfile 2 cmd powercfg reduce size type reduced

The percentage cannot be smaller than 50%. Also you need to restart for the changes to take effect.

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