How to Recover All Passwords Saved on Windows 10

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Do you want to recover all the passwords saved on your Windows 10 PC?

Nirsoft Launcher is a free software that comes with dozens of utilities that include a bunch of password recovery tools.

Here is the list of utilities that are included in the password recovery suite:

  • PasswordFox
  • WebBrowserPassView
  • ChromePass
  • IE Pass View
  • Wireless Key View
  • Mail PassView
  • RouterPassView
  • Dialupass
  • DataProtectionDecyptor
  • VaultPasswordView
  • CredentialsFileView
  • EnctyptedRegView
  • PstPassword
  • Network Password Recovery
  • LSASecretsView
  • BulletsPassView
  • Remote Desktop PassView
  • MessenPass
  • VNCPassView
  • OperaPassView
  • PCAnywhere PassView
  • LSASecretsDump

Let’s go!

Nirsoft Password Recovery Utilities for Windows 10

Start by downloading your copy of Nirsoft Launcher from this official URL:

After you finish downloading unzip the folder using the password provided on the download page.

As you can see, Nirsoft Launcher comes with a bunch of password recovery tools ready for use.

Here is an example, since my primary browser is Google Chrome, when I open ChromePass I can see all the passwords saved on my browser.

Here is an example of the Wi-Fi passwords saved on my PC…

I can also recover Pst Passwords (Outlook).

I let you discover other tools on your own…

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below ;)

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