PSR: Record the Steps of a Problem on Windows 10

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Do you have a problem working on your Windows 10 PC and want to tell a technician how it reproduces?

Or maybe you just want to tell a friend the steps he needs to follow to get to a file inside Windows 10?

It can be used either way…

Windows 7, 8, and 10 have a tool called psr, or Problem Steps Recorder.

This tool will allow you to record the steps thoroughly in order to reproduce an error in Windows. It will also describe the steps in a tutorial format.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use psr in Windows 10.

Let’s dive in!

Problem Steps Recorder to the Rescue!

Start by opening Run using Windows+R key combination and type in “psr” then hit Enter.

Prepare yourself for recording, close any unwanted windows & programs, and make sure you reproduce the error as clear as possible.

Click on “Start Record” to start recording. You can also hit Alt+A to start recording.

After the recording is finished hit “Stop Record“.

A preview will open after the recording is done and all you need now is save it to a safe place to send it later via Email or any medium.

Choose a name for your recording, click “Save“.

You can open the file .mht using Internet Explorer.

Here is how it looks like…

If you have any questions about PSR feel free to leave a comment below this tutorial!

Thanks in advance for sharing ;)

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