How to Protect Yourself Against ARP Spoofing (PC and Android)

Are you getting bombarded with ARP spoofing and want to end this madness?

I feel you, believe me.

Luckily I found the ultimate solution, once and for all, for Windows 10 and Android users.

In Windows, there are tools called XArp (free!) and NetCut Defender (free!), on Android, there is ARP Guard (free!). If you have Ubuntu you can try XArp, it’s also available there.

ARP spoofing is basically an attack in which the attacker is receiving your bandwidth instead of the intended device (in our case MAC address), so he is playing like a middle-man between you and the internet. This attack is used mainly to limit your bandwidth if you want to learn how I explained How to Cut Off Internet from Any PC in Your Network (NetCut) and How to Limit Internet Speed of Wi-Fi Users.

Now that you know how it’s done let’s see how to protect us from it ;)

Let’s go!

ARP Spoofing Protection for PC and Android

ARP Spoofing Protection for Windows Users


You can download XArp for free from this official URL: (also available for Ubuntu users)

After the download is finished install the software as intended, there is no portable version…

Click “Next“.

Click “I Agree“.

Choose a destination folder and click “Next“.

Click “Finish“.

At first, you will see “Security level set to basic“, leave it there as it’s the recommended setting.

If you are planning to keep your PC downloading a big file and are afraid the ARP attacks will stop it from completing you can set it to “high” but you will receive lot of false alerts.

An alert is like this, it notifies you whenever the attacker has changed its MAC address.

When an ARP attack is detected it will show in the program as follows.

You can close the program, it will keep running in the system tray.

NetCut Defender

You can also try NetCut Defender from this URL:

After you download it install it.

After you launch the program, select your Wi-Fi adapter or Network Card and click on “Protect“”.

You will see “Protected” in the left column.

When you close NetCut Defender it will keep running in the system tray.

ARP Spoofing Protection for Android Users (No Root Needed!)

If you are using Android and can’t use NetCut because of not having rooted your Smartphone you can use “ARP Guard“, it’s available in the Google Play Store.

Launch the app and tap the red icon in the middle.

When it turns green a notification will pop up and get notified whenever an ARP attack has happened.

Sorry iOS users but I didn’t find any alternative to this app.

If you have any questions about ARP spoofing let me know in the comments below ;)

Thank you for sharing in advance!

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