How to Prevent Remote Desktop Access on Your Network

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Have you got looked at for a long period of time through a Remote Desktop Server on your Network?

Are you searching for the best practical steps to prevent the suspect from using it to his advantage?

In this brief tutorial, you will learn how to prevent the attacker from breaching into your PC, use Keyloggers, or even Lock you out of your PC.

Let’s follow these steps in order to prevent this from happening to anyone else. God bless America.

Let’s go!

Prevent RDP Access from Local Network

In case your PC name was changed remotely, here is what to do to find the original name:


Use the following command to change the password when the attacker changes it (123456 is the new password):

net user soufiane 123456

Open the Settings App using the Windows+I keyboard shortcut.

Click on “Accounts.”

Under the “Sign-in options” click on “Password” > “Change.”

Enter your password 123456, click “Next” then change the password.

Open Run (Windows+R), click “OK.”

Click on “Deny log on through Remote Desktop Services” under “Local Policies” > “User Rights Assignment.””

Click on “Add User or Group.”

Click on “Advanced.”

Click on “Find Now” and check the users, click “OK” every time you choose one. Make sure you check ALL the users.

Click “OK.”

Now you are safe to use your PC.

See you in the next tutorial, happy browsing!

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