How to Play a Sound When the Caps Lock is Pressed on Windows 10

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Do you often toggle the caps lock mistakenly?

Do you want to get an alert every time you press the caps lock or num lock?

As you know sometimes when you type long paragraphs you don’t necessarily watch what you are typing, until you find out that an entire line was typed in capital letters.

To prevent this you can get a sound alert each and every time you toggle the caps lock button on your keyboard.

In this tutorial, you will learn two ways to enable the keys toggle sound on Windows 10.

Let’s go!

1. Play Sound When You Toggle Keys on Windows 10

First things first, open your Start menu and click on the Settings App icon, or just press Windows+I keyboard shortcut.

Click on “Ease of Access“.

On the “Keyboard” page, turn “On” the “Use Toggle Keys” setting.

2. Shortcut to Enable Toggle Keys on Windows 10

The easiest way to enable the toggle sound is to press the Num Lock on your keyboard for 5 seconds.

This shortcut works in all Windows versions and is easy to use. You can use this keyboard shortcut without following the above steps.

You will get this message, click “Yes“:

Do you want to turn on Toggle Keys?
Toggle Keys causes a tone to sound when you press the CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK or SCROLL LOCK keys. The keyboard shortcut to turn on Toggle Keys is to hold down the NUM LOCK key for 5 seconds.

There you have it, dear reader, you just learned how to enable the alert sound for caps lock toggle.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below ;)

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