How to Open a Docx File Without Microsoft Word

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Are you looking for the fastest way to edit your Docx documents without Microsoft Office?

There are a number of people who use Microsoft Word only when they are faced with a .docx file format, they don’t use Microsoft Word daily…

So for them to edit a .docx file they need to install Microsoft Office and this alone takes more time than editing the file itself…

In this easy tutorial, you will learn how to edit and create your .docx files without any software, just using your web browser!

We will also give you some free alternatives and open-source programs to use if you don’t want to buy Microsoft Office.

Let’s dive in!

Open Docx File With Word Online

Word Online is the cloud version of Microsoft Word that allows you to make minimum changes to existing word documents or create new ones.

You can access Word Online from this URL:

After you open the page please log in if you are not already…

Next, click “Upload and open…

Select your .docx file and click “Open

Wait for the upload to finish…

Now you can edit your file… but I find some limiting as Microsoft wants you to invest in Microsoft Office, Google Docs allows more freedom of editing…

Open Docx File Using Google Docs

Open Google Docs from here:

Click the folder icon to start importing your .docx file.

Click “Upload” then drag and drop your .docx file into the dash-bordered box.

Now you can edit your file freely, you can edit everything!

After you are done editing you can download the file as PDF or in any other format including: .odt, .rtf, .txt, .html, .epub

Best Microsoft Office Free Alternatives

As you know Microsoft has nearly monopolized the offline editing ecosystem through its doc proprietary format since the ’90s… Luckily the .docx file format supports open standards and can be edited anywhere… not only in Microsoft Word.

Here is a list of free alternatives to Microsoft Office to edit your .docx files and more:

There you have it, my friend, if you have any things to add to this tutorial please feel free to leave a comment below.

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