How to Do Multiple Copy/Paste on Windows 10

Do you want to do multiple copy/paste in Windows 10?

Are you looking for a way to increase your productivity at work?

Copy & Paste was invented in 1970, since then it never evolved… at least in Windows OS.

By default, you can only paste one element you copied, what if we were able to copy an unlimited number of elements and paste the ones we want.

This can be useful if you don’t want to miss an object in your daily work job.

In this tutorial you will discover Ditto, which is a free program that allows an unlimited amount of copy/paste. It will save you hours of productive work by allowing you to copy multiple elements into a virtual clipboard to paste later.

Let’s dive in!

How to Copy/Paste Multiple Times in Windows 10

Ditto is a clipboard manager that allows you to further improve your copy/paste experience in Windows OS.

You can download Ditto from this URL:

After you double-click the installation program, choose your language. Click “OK“.

Choose a destination installation folder, click “Next“.

Click “Next“.

Click “Finish“.

Allow the access to the Firewall.

Click on Ditto’s icon in the taskbar near the time.

Click the three dots.

Click “Options“.

Here you can set different settings such as the maximum of saved copies, the expiration period of pastes, the language of the interface and the display font, and more.

Open “Keyboard Shortcuts“.

Choose a keyboard shortcut of your own to activate Ditto. I have chosen Ctrl+Alt+D.

There are other shortcuts under the tab “Quick Paste Keyboard“.

Here are some of the shortcuts:

Key Function
Ctrl-` Default Ditto window activation Global Hot Key
F3 View full text or image or HTML of selected text
Esc Close Window
Tab Move focus to the next control in the current window
Ctrl-Space Toggle Ditto window between normal and always showing on top (persistent)
Enter Paste Selected Items in the Target Window, or Enter Group (if the item is a Group)
Alt-Enter Open the Clip Properties Dialog
Shift-Enter Past CF_TEXT (plain text with no formatting) only
F3 Show Full Description in a tooltip
Ctrl-G Show the hierarchy of Groups in a Treeview
Backspace Go to the Parent Group
F7 Create a New Group and place the currently selected Clips in that Group
Ctrl-F7New Group
Ctrl-X,C,V Cut, Copy, Paste Clips between Groups (this does not use the Windows Clipboard)
n/p/up/down While the description window is open this will move to the next or previous clip

You can also access the “Stats” to get an idea about how many times you copy & paste in your activity.

If you have any questions about Ditto or Windows 10 feel free to leave them below as comments.

Thanks for sharing this tutorial with your friends and family!

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