How to Mirror Android Screen Using TeamViewer on Windows 10

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Do you want to mirror your android device on Windows 10 for free?

TeamViewer is a great tool for remote help and file transfer, it’s available everywhere (e.g Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Raspberry, Chrome OS, …).

Mirroring your android screen to your Windows 10 PC can be useful if you want to control your Smartphone remotely or record the screen from your PC.

Another special feature in TeamViewer is file transfer, you can transfer your files in the fly without the need of any special add-ons.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install TeamViewer on a Samsung Android device and on PC, establish the connection and do habitual mirroring tasks.

Let’s go!

Mirror Android Screen to Windows 10 Using TeamViewer

First, download TeamViewer for free from this URL:

Install it for Personal/Non-commercial use, click “Accept – finish“.

Next, install TeamViewer from Google Play on your Android device, mine is a Samsung S9+.


After the installation, you will be asked to install QuickSupport. Do it.

After installing QuickSupport you may be asked to activate Samsung Knox if you have a Samsung device. Tap “ACTIVATE“.

Accept the privacy agreement.

Allow permissions…

After all the installation is done, you will be given an ID, keep note of it as you will need to enter it in your Windows 10 TeamViewer program.

Type your ID in your TeamViewer Windows 10 window. Click “Connect“.

Allow the remote support by tapping “ALLOW” on your android device.

Now you can control your android device using the Remote control tab. You can trigger File transfer anytime by clicking on it, we will talk about that feature later.

If you want to customize or record the screen, click on the link icon above the screen.

On View, you can change the Scaling, Quality, Performance, View Options, and Full-Screen options.

You can start a recording by opening the Files & Extras then click on “Start session recording“.

Here is what the File transfer looks like, you can transfer anything you want.

In the Dashboard, you are given the general info about your device including the CPU, RAM, Storage and Battery usage.

You can uninstall any App from the Apps tab.

There you have it if you have any questions about TeamViewer feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for sharing, see you in the next tutorial.

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    How can i change the audio output, so i can hear through the speakers from the PC?

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    Great tutorial! It was exactly the information I was looking for and very easy to follow.

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