How to Limit Bandwidth to Specific Apps on Windows 10

Do you want to download, watch a stream, and play your online game without lag at the same time?

Do you want to limit the bandwidth to get the best ping?

As you know, by default the internet connection is used by all your applications and operating system equally. Sometimes you want to do multiple tasks while playing online, causing your ping to jump to high and having difficulty because of low internet speed.

Unless you have a 5G or an Optical Fiber connection, you will need to distribute your internet’s bandwidth according to your needs.

For example, you can set the limit to your Google Chrome bandwidth downloads to 500KB/s and uploads to 300KB/s, set the limit to your Steam Client to 200KB/s and the same thing goes to other applications.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use NetLimiter which is a free software allowing you to regain control over your bandwidth for Free.

Let’s go!

NetLimiter: Control Bandwidth of Applications on Windows 10

You can download NetLimiter for free from this official URL:

After the download, start the installation by choosing a destination folder, accepting the License terms and conditions, and clicking “INSTALL“.

Click “OK” to restart apps that are open, otherwise, you may need a restart after the installation is finished.

Launch your NetLimiter software from the Desktop shortcut.

You can control global connections, internet connection, local connection network and individual applications.

On top you will find three toggle buttons: Blocker On, Limiter On, Priorities On

Those three buttons will allow you to enable/disable all rules without having to close the program.

For example, if you want to limit the download & upload speed of my internet browser Google Chrome, all you have to do is select Google Chrome from the list, and add the “Limit” Rules on the right pane.

You can also set the “Priority” which sets a minimum & maximum bandwidth percentage according to the Priorities settings that we will uncover later on.

Under the “Rules List” tab, you can see all the rules you have set up.

Under the “Priorities” tab you can redefine the percentage of bandwidth reservations according to each type of priority.

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Otherwise, how can I help you?

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