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Best Keyboard Shortcuts to Shut Down Your Windows 10 PC

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Do you want to shut down your Windows 10 PC faster? Using only keyboard shortcuts?

In this guide we will reveal some tips to shut down, restart, sleep or hibernate your Windows 10 PC using only keyboard shortcuts.

Most users turn off their PCs at the end of their day, or at least once a day. While shutting down your PC has always been a matter of few clicks, some users prefer using keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Shutdown/Restart/Sleep Windows 10

Use the Power User Menu

This tip takes advantage of the power user menu which can be accessed by pressing the Windows+X keys.

To keep it simple here is the steps to follow in order to shut down or restart your Windows 10 PC using only few steps.

  • Press Windows+X to open the power user menu.
keyboard shortcuts shutdown windows 1
  • Now press the U key to see sign out, shut down, restart and sleep options. Here I don’t have hibernate option because I disabled it in Control Panel > Power Options.
keyboard shortcuts shutdown windows 2
  • Press I to sign out,
  • Press S to sleep your PC,
  • Press U to shut down your PC,
  • Or press R to restart your Windows 10 PC.

Use the ALT+F4 to Shut Down Your PC

You can choose to shut down your PC in another way, using the ALT+F4 shut down window.

First you have to close all running programs and windows if you want to shut down or restart your PC. Or if you want to sleep or hibernate your PC press Windows+M to minimize all your opened programs to the taskbar.

Then press ALT+F4 to open the Shut Down window. If you are using a laptop then you may need to press ALT+Fn+F4 keys show the Shut Down dialog window.

keyboard shortcuts shutdown windows 3

Then press Enter to shut down your computer immediately or use the and keys to choose the right option, then press Enter.

keyboard shortcuts shutdown windows 4

Use Start Menu

You may also try to use the most intuitive way to shut down or restart your Windows 10 PC, using the Start menu.

Press Windows key to open Start. Then press Tab to highlight the left pane elements and press  key to change the selection until the shut down button is highlighted. Press Enter to open the options available.

keyboard shortcuts shutdown windows 6

Press or to choose the option you want to proceed with: sleep, shut down, restart or hibernate.

keyboard shortcuts shutdown windows 5

I hope this guide helped you shut down your computer faster, using keyboard shortcuts!

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