Have you tried to play some games but Windows won't let you play them?

Do you want to increase video RAM (VRAM) on Windows 10?

Video RAM is a special kind of RAM on your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that determines how fast your GPU performs and how much textures, shaders, effects, ... can it perform.

Sometimes you may have an error telling you: Your GPU memory is full, or, You can't play this game because you have low GPU memory

In this easy tutorial you will learn how to know how much VRAM your PC have and how to increase it both in BIOS and in the Registry Editor.

Let's go!

1. How Much VRAM Does My PC Have?

Right-click on your Desktop and choose "Display settings."

increase vram video ram windows 10 1 display settings

Click on "Advanced display settings."

increase vram video ram windows 10 2 advanced display settings

Click on "Display adapter properties for Display 1."

increase vram video ram windows 10 3 display adapter properties for display

Here you have your VRAM under "Dedicated Video Memory:", in my case it's a "4096 MB" but if your PC is using an integrated graphics card (intel) you should have a very low value, the maximum we can increase it is 512 MB, it's recommended to use a dedicated graphics card.

increase vram video ram windows 10 4 dedicqted video memory 4096 nvidia geforce gtx 1650 super

2. Increase VRAM in BIOS

Open your BIOS using the keyboard key according to your PC manufacturer.

Go to "Advanced" using your keyboard arrows.

increase vram bios 1

Go to "Graphics Configuration."

increase vram bios 2

Hit Enter on "DVMT Pre-Allocated."

increase vram bios 3

Set the new value and hit Enter.

increase vram bios 4

Exit while saving configuration. Congratulations!

increase vram bios 5

3. Increase VRAM Using the Registry Editor

Open Run prompt using Windows+R and type in regedit, hit Enter.

increase vram registry editor 1

Go to the following path and create a new Key named GMM:

increase vram registry editor 2

Under GMM key create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value named DedicatedSegmentSize.

increase vram registry editor 3

Give it the value "512", click "OK."

increase vram registry editor 4

There you have it dear friend, you just increased your PC's VRAM successfully!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below ;)

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By Soufiane Sabiri

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