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How to Increase Usable RAM on Windows 10

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Do you want your Windows to use full potential of the memory installed?

In this thorough tutorial you will learn the reasons of this usable memory issue and how to fix it with easy steps.

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Let’s dive in!

The Problem of Usable Memory

Here is an example of the issue, I only have 6.23 GB of usable memory out of 16 GB installed.

Let’s see how to fix it!

usable memory windows 10 fix solved solution 1

Usable RAM Limited by Windows

First things first, we’re going to check some obvious reasons why your RAM is limited on Windows.

Here is a table with the maximum RAM supported by each version of Windows, if your Windows version is one of these and you have the usable memory issue then you need to upgrade to a 64-bit version of Windows.

VersionLimit in 32-bit WindowsLimit in 64-bit Windows
Windows 7 Ultimate4 GB192 GB
Windows 7 Enterprise4 GB192 GB
Windows 7 Professional4 GB192 GB
Windows 7 Home Premium4 GB16 GB
Windows 7 Home Basic4 GB8 GB
Windows 7 Starter2 GB2 GB

Loose RAM? Check your hardware!

The second thing to check is if you have your RAM stick not inserted correctly, open your PC and check if the connections are alright!

loose ram memory stick motherboard

How to Fix Usable Memory in Msconfig

Open your Run prompt by pressing Windows+R and type in msconfig, hit Enter.

usable memory windows 10 fix solved solution 2

Go to “Boot” tab and click on “Advanced options…

usable memory windows 10 fix solved solution 3

Uncheck “Maximum memory” and click “OK“, restart your PC.

usable memory windows 10 fix solved solution 4

Upgrade/Flash Your BIOS Firmware

One of the best solutions you can try is to flash your BIOS using a firmware that you can download from the constructor’s website.

usable memory bios flash result

Enable Memory Remap Feature

Make sure you have the feature “Memory Remap” enabled in your BIOS.

You can access the BIOS using one of these keys when the PC is booting: Esc, F2, F10, F12, Del.

usable memory windows 10 fix solved solution 5

The Result

After you apply all these steps, you will see that Usable is gone from Installed memory!

system info

There you have it!

You just learned how to fix the usable memory issue on Windows 10.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share feel free to leave a comment below ;)

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