7 Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal and Increase Internet Speed

Your internet is laggy and stops from time to time?

Do you want to improve your Wi-Fi connection?

In this tutorial we are going to uncover the best tips to increase your connectivity and get the best out of your connection using simple tricks to your router.

Let’s go!

1. Buy a New Router that Supports 5Ghz

If you have been using your router for at least 3 years, then it’s time to change it with a new one.

Often the router gets power outages and surges, the firmware gets old and the router overall becomes outdated.

It’s recommended to buy a router that supports the 5Ghz band because it’s less crowded and you will get the best connection ever.

2. Place Your Router in a Good Place

Don’t place your router in a box or inside a closet, place it in an open space where the Wi-Fi waves can travel flawlessly to reach your computer without losing signal.

3. Change Your Wi-Fi Channel to a Less-Busy One

One way to know which channel to choose is by using WirelessNetView which is free software that can be downloaded from here: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wireless_network_view.html

Just unzip the file and launch it, it will give you the channels used in your surroundings…

Luckily my wireless channel is different than all those around me, but in case you have been using the wrong channel, the channel others use. You can change it in your router’s admin page.

The admin page is usually found in this IP address:

4. Add a Wireless Repeater/Extender

You can use a Wi-Fi repeater in case you have a big home or office, the suggested brand is tp-link which is the best right now.

5. Use Aluminum Foil in Case Your are Far from Your Router

If you can’t afford to buy a repeater just use an aluminum foil on your router to direct all the signal to your computer.

6. Upgrade Your Router’s Firmware

The best way to improve your router is to upgrade the firmware every year, this way you will ensure to have the latest software running on your router.

7. Change the DNS Servers on Your Router

You can read my tutorial on How to Speed Up Your Internet with DNS Benchmark and use those DNS servers on your router.

Alternatively you can just use Google’s DNS servers:

There you have it!

You just learned how to improve your internet connection by boosting your Wi-Fi to new speeds ;)

If you have any question feel free to leave it below.

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