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How Old is Your Windows Installation

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Whereas most Windows users might by no means really install the operating system (they’ll probably keep on with the copy that was pre-installed after they purchased their pc), superior users are all too accustomed to the method.

However except detailed notes are stored with each of the numerous installations through the years, most users won’t know precisely how long the present Windows installation was carried out.

Listed below are two fast and straightforward instructions to find out the Windows installation date.

Use Systeminfo to Find the Windows Installation Date

The systeminfo command can show detailed details about the configuration of your PC and Windows model, however what we’re focused on right here is the Windows installation date.

First, you’ll have to be logged in with an Administrator account to ensure that the next instructions to work. When you’re logged in, launch the Command Prompt:

Use the Win+R key combination to open Run, then use the command CMD to open the command prompt.

Within the Command Prompt window type the next command:

systeminfo | findstr /C:"Install Date"

The command will process for a couple of moments because it scans your whole configuration. Nevertheless, since we restricted the output to fields that include “install date“, you’ll see just one end result appear as soon as the process is full: “Original Install Date:“.

age of windows how old installation date tutorial command 1 systeminfo

In our example, this specific model of Windows was put in on September 07, 2019 14:55:23. The results are displayed based on your system’s date and time preferences so, in our case, that date is Eastern Daylight Time.

In our instance, we only needed to find out the Windows install date, however the Systeminfo command can present much more data, similar to the precise version of Windows, the last boot time, CPU and BIOS data, and the quantity and designation of any Windows Hotfixes. To see this data, merely run the commandsysteminfo” with none trailing parameters.

Use WMIC to Get the Windows Installation Date

One other technique of acquiring the Windows installation date is to make use of the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) tool. This could present very much the same data as “Systeminfo”, though in a much less user-friendly kind.

Just as before, ensure you’re logged in as an Administrator, and launch the Command Prompt. This time, type within the following command:

wmic os get installdate

A single “InstallDate” result shall be returned with a string of digits. These digits signify the Windows installation date within the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS, with time displayed in 24 hours.

age of windows how old installation date tutorial command 1 wmic os

In our instance, 20190907145523 represents September 07, 2019 14:55:23, the very same time that was reported by the SystemInfo command.

Most Windows users will doubtless favor the show structure of Systeminfo, though WMIC can produce a outcome barely sooner, particularly on programs with slower or extra complicated configurations.

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