How to Hide the User Name on Logon Screen on Windows 10

Do you want to hide the user name on the Logon screen?

Do you want to make access to your computer more secure?

This little easy tutorial is for you!

In fact, not showing the user name can be useful to make accessing your Windows session more difficult.

Because as you know, Windows by default shows the user name to everyone, can, therefore, try his luck on the password only to access it!

This tutorial can also be useful for those who want to find the default connection settings.

There are 2 bonuses with this tutorial, I let you discover them!

Let’s go!

Hiding the User Accounts from the Logon Screen in Windows 10

Open Run with the Windows+R keyboard shortcut.

Type in the command secpol.msc and hit Enter.

Go to “Local Policies” > “Security Options“.

Double-click on “Interactive logon: Don’t display username at sign-in“.

Set as “Enabled“. Click “OK“.

Also double-click on “Interactive logon: Don’t display last signed-in“.

Set as “Enabled“. Click “OK“.

Bonus 1: Hide User Accounts from Logon Screen Using Registry

Open your Run prompt using the Windows+R shortcut and put in regedit, hit Enter.

Navigate to this path:


Double-click on dontdisplaylastusername and DontDisplayUsername and set their values to 1.

Like this…

And this.

Bonus 2: Enable Automatic Login in Windows 10

If you want to bypass the login/sign-in screen, this will do the work.

Open Run using Windows+R and put in control userpasswords2, hit Enter.

Uncheck “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer“”.

Click the “OK” button.

Enter your password and sign out and sign in back.

There you have it!

You just learned a new trick in Windows 10 with this easy tutorial with 2 bonuses ;)

Don’t hesitate to ask a question, don’t forget to share this easy tutorial with your friends!


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