How to Hide a Secret File Inside an Image on Windows 10

Do you want to transfer sensitive information inside an image?

Are you looking for a way to hide a secret password without them finding it?

In this easy yet powerful tutorial you will learn a trick I use to hide my secrets and passwords.

In this tutorial we will be using the command copy to hide a text file inside an image with the help of 7-zip.

Let’s go!

Hide Your Secret Files Inside an Image

If you don’t have 7-Zip you can either use Winrar or download it from here.

First of all, you will need an image and a Z-zip file with all your secret content inside it.

Open the Command Prompt by typing CMD inside Run (Windows+R).

Go to the Directory where your 2 files are located.

Type the following command, change wallpaper with the name of the image and put the name of the 7z file next to the + sign, the output is the final image name.

copy /b wallpaper.jpg + "by sofian sabiri.7z" easytutorial.jpg

This is the result, now I can open the final image using 7-zip. I can also use it as an image…

Nobody is going to notice!

As you can see, my secret file is still accessible from inside the image file using 7-zip!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below!

Thanks for sharing in advance ;)

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