In this tutorial, you will learn one more use of the Command Prompt.

We will use the command diskpart in the Command Prompt to hide/show one or multiple drives in the Explorer. This can be useful if you want to hide secret data in a special partition that you can create using the Disk Management utility in Windows.

The good thing about this method is you will never need a third-party tool to do this for you, just remember these commands, you never know when you will need them.

Here we will hide the drive F:, it’s a Flash Drive, but you can use this method on any drive or partition in your system.

Hide Drive Windows Diskpart 1 My Pc

Hide Drives Using Diskpart in Windows

Open the Command Prompt as administrator by going to Start and searching for CMD.

Hiberfile 1 Cmd Administrator

Type in the command diskpart and hit Enter key.

Hide Drive Windows Diskpart 2

Type in list volume to display a list of all the drives available, press Enter key.

Hide Drive Windows Diskpart 3 List Volume

Type in select volume F or you can also use select volume 4 since 4 is the number of drive F, press Enter key.

Hide Drive Windows Diskpart 4 Select

To hide the drive, type the command remove letter F and press Enter key.

Hide Drive Windows Diskpart 5 Remove Letter

You are done! Close the Command Prompt.

Hide Drive Windows Diskpart 6 Gone

How to Show the Hidden Drive in Windows

In diskpart utility, type in the following commands to list all drives, select the drive and assign the letter:

list volume select volume 4 assign letter H

Hide Drive Windows Diskpart 7 Assign

There you have it!

Now you can hide drives in the fly, without using any third-party software, using only the command prompt and diskpart utility.

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