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Change Your Google Search Domain on Google Chrome

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Have you ever wondered why your browser changed your local domain for Google Search? Just because you changed your location (GPS, IP, you get it…) ?

In case you want to use your favorite local domain for your searches (e.g then this tutorial is made for you.

You will discover how to choose your own local domain for all your requests in the Omnibox Search Engine of your browser Google Chrome.

Let’s GO!

Change the Search Engine in Google Chrome.

To start we need to access the settings of your Google Chrome browser, to do so use this URL in the address bar (omnibox): chrome://settings/

This will open the settings page, then look for the “Search” area, here you can change your search engine to whatever site search you like.

Trick: Google Chrome adds the search to every website you visit, you can use the [k]Tab[/k] key after typing any domain name in the omnibox to switch to search mode, this will save you a ton of time since you will be able to search on your favorite sites without visiting them at the first place.

Click on the button “Manage search engines” to show and add to the list of search engines your browser has.

google chrome 1 settings manage search engines

Go to the bottom of the list, you will find three fields:

  • Name of Search Engine
  • Keyword
  • Search URL with %s on it

In our case we will be adding the Google UK Search Domain, for this I will put on theses values:

  • Google UK
  • //{google:RLZ}{google:originalQueryForSuggestion}{google:assistedQueryStats}{google:searchFieldtrialParameter}{google:bookmarkBarPinned}{google:searchClient}{google:sourceId}{google:instantExtendedEnabledParameter}{google:omniboxStartMarginParameter}{google:contextualSearchVersion}ie={inputEncoding}
google chrome 2 settings search engines add engine

Then after you press Enter, the new Search Engine will be added to the list.

To enable it just click “Make default” and press “Done” .

Test it out!

Now you know how to set your local search by default, if you have any questions feel free to submit a comment below. Thank you for your time.

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