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How to Add Gmail Directly on Windows 10

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Do you want to access your Gmail inbox directly from Windows 10 the easy way?

This trick will help you earn a lot of time.

Forget about Outlook Express and other third-party software we used back in the days… Welcome the new era of minimalism and flat design, Mail.

In this tutorial you will discover how to add your Gmail account directly in Windows 10 using the Mail app and profit from a fast, easy and user-friendly experience.

The Mail app allows you – in addition to “Gmail” – to add any type of messaging platform (Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Live or any POP or IMAP account you have) in few clicks.

Let’s go!

How to Add Google Mail to Mail App

First open your “Start” menu and click on the “Mail” application.

gmail google mail windows 10 app 1

Click on “Get started“, then click on “Add account” to create your first Inbox.

Mail will help you simplify the way you access your email’ content, it’s really useful and will save you some “browser tabs” space.

Click on “Google“, connect to your Gmail account and authorize access to your Email account from Windows 10.

gmail google mail windows 10 app 2

After that you can now access to your Gmail account from Windows 10.

As you can notice, the interface is clear and simple. It’s made so you can concentrate primarily on your email’s messages. You can add new account, access different accounts and choose between different folders.

If you want to change the colors, click on the “gear” icon in the bottom and choose “Personalization“, from there you can choose a different color, dark mode and a lot of other appearance’ features.

gmail google mail windows 10 app 3

You can change the color, the mode (Light or Dark).

gmail google mail windows 10 app 5

If you select “Use my Windows mode” it will switch according to your Windows preferences.

gmail google mail windows 10 app 6

You can add as many email accounts as you wish, make sure you secure your current Windows account with a password since your Mail can be easily checked without any password.

If you have any questions about the Mail app feel free to leave a comment down below… Thanks a lot!

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