Forgotten Windows Password? Here is the Solution!

Have you forgotten your Windows’ User password?

Do you want to reset the Windows password for free in minutes?

Today you will discover the Lazesoft tool which allows you to delete the Windows password, it works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 versions!

Before following this tutorial, check carefully:

  • the language of your keyboard while entering your password,
  • or the Cap Lock key if it is lit.

Let’s go!

How to remove Windows password.

To be able to delete the Windows password you must create a bootable USB key or CD containing the Lazesoft tool, the latter is valid for free for personal use, if you plan to use this program in order to earn money you must, therefore, buy the full version.

You can download the latest version of Lazesoft through this link:

How to create a bootable Lazesoft key.

Once you have downloaded Lazesoft, install it on another computer to proceed to the creation of the bootable USB key.

Open your Lazesoft program via the Desktop shortcut.

Then click on “Burn CD/USB Disk“.

Here you can choose the Windows version.

Click on ” Next> “.

Check the letter of the USB key you want to use, here it is F:

Check “USB Flash” then choose the letter of your key.

Then click on “Start“, a driver download will start if you start this procedure for the first time.

Before formatting your USB key, make sure that you have copied the data from the key to your hard disk so as not to lose it!

Once done, click the ” Yes ” button to start formatting and installing Lazesoft .

It won’t take more than four minutes …

At the end of the process, you will have your “magicUSB key =)

You will now see how to launch the program on the machine that you want to repair or remove your Windows password.

How to reset Windows password

To boot on the USB key, you must access the boot menu…

On my Desktop, I pressed ESC several times to access the Startup Menu (Start Menu)

On other PCs it can be F12, F10, Enter or F1!

Then choose Boot Device Options or Boot list, it really depends on the brand of your PC… but generally look for something with the word boot above.

If after accessing the boot menu and you have not found your USB key in the list, check on the [c]BIOS[/c] that you have the [c]LEGACY[/c] mode activated, and not only the more recent [c]UEFI[/c] mode. After activating the mode [c]LEGACY[/c] I had my USB key displayed in the Boot menu, using the arrows [k]↑[/ k] and [k]↓[/k] choose your USB key then press the [k]Enter key[/k].

Then type Enter a second time to access Lazesoft Live CD.

Then click on “Password Recovery“.

You will have in the drop-down menu “Reset Windows Password” by default.

Click on the “Next” button .

In the drop-down menu at the top, you will have the version of your Windows displayed, in the menu at the bottom choose “Reset Local Password“.

Then click on the “Next” button .

Choose the administrator you want to remove the password from, then click on ” Next “.

Click on the “RESET / UNLOCK” button.

The password has been successfully reset !!!

Restart your machine after removing the USB key.

Here is the result ;)

And There you go!

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