4 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Boot and Startup Errors

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Does your PC need to be repaired?

Do you have problems booting your PC?

Do you want to fix & repair your Windows 10 startup issue?

In this ultimate tutorial, you will learn the best 4 methods to fix your PC boot errors and make Windows 10 boot again.

Firstly we will be using the Startup Repair tool, then we will use the Command Prompt to fix the MBR and BCD, then we will be fixing the boot through Command Prompt by restoring the regback, finally, we will use the Restore point.

Let’s dive in!

1. Fix Windows 10 Boot with Startup Repair

Restart your PC multiple times until you see a blue screen like this.

Click on “Troubleshoot“.

Click on “Advanced options“.

Click on “Startup Repair“.

Choose your account by clicking on it.

Enter your account’s password and click “Continue“.

Wait for a couple of seconds…

If this didn’t work keep reading… if it worked please leave a comment below!

2. Fix MBR & BCD to Repair Windows 10 Startup Error

Restart your PC and go to “Troubleshoot“.

Go to “Advanced options“.

This time click on “Command Prompt“.

Run these commands one at a time:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot
bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd

Try to boot your PC now, if it didn’t work keep reading.

3. Fix Windows 10 Boot with Command Prompt (RegBack)

Restart your PC and click on “Troubleshoot“.

Click on “Advanced options“.

Click on “Command Prompt“.

Type these commands:

cd \windows\system32\config

Then run these commands:

md backup
copy *.* backup
cd regback
copy *.* ..

If anything went wrong all the files are saved under the backup folder we created, you can copy them back anytime.

Try to startup your computer, if it didn’t work then the only solution is to restore to a previous restore point.

4. System Restore to Repair Windows 10 Startup

Restart your PC and choose “Troubleshoot“.

Click on “Advanced options“.

Click on “System Restore“.

Click on your account to continue.

Type in your password.

Click “Next“.

Select your restore point, click “Next“.

Click “Finish” and confirm by clicking “Yes“.

Wait for a couple of seconds…

Click “Restart“.

There you have it!

You just learned how to fix the boot and startup problems on Windows 10 PC.

If you have any questions or just want to say thanks leave a comment below ;)

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