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Fix: "VLC Does Not Support UNDF Format" on Windows 10

Fix Errors 3 minutes to read
Last updated: December 17, 2020
undf fix vlc media player how to solution solved

VLC Media Player is the most popular video player among Windows and Mac users, yet sometimes you may get the error message "No suitable decoder module: VLC does not support the audio or video format UNDF" when trying to play some video formats that are not yet supported by your system.

Lot of users in the community reported this error and if you have found yourself facing the same problem don't worry because the fix is very easy to follow and will certainly work.

You may face this error trying to play a downloaded video with a format not supported by your PC or when trying to play a media file that you moved recently to another location.

Please follow the following steps in order to fix the VLC error not supporting UNDF format.

Before we start our fix let's respond to some common intuitive questions and myths that are often asked when facing this error message.

What is ".UNDF" File Format in VLC?

There is no file format called UNDF, it's actually a short error code explaining that the media file you're trying to play is "UNDeFined" file format. It means that VLC Media Player is not capable of reading the file you are trying to play.

When VLC Media Player is unable to recognize the file format, it would certainly throw the error message: "No suitable decoder module: VLC does not support the audio or video format UNDF"".

What Causes VLC Does Not Support UNDF Format Error?

Here is a list of probable reasons behind this error message:

  • Corrupt Media File
  • Unfinished Media File
  • Lack of codec support

In this article you will see how to fix VLC Media Player for each case above.

As I said earlier, there is no direct answer to the question what causes the UNDF format error in the VLC player. However, one of the most common cause of this error is a corrupted media file or incomplete media file. So the first thing you should be doing is checking whether you have the working media file with you.

The second reason for the UNDF error in VLC media player could be the lack of appropriate codec support to play the concerned file. In such cases, you would end up seeing “No suitable decoder module: VLC does not support the audio or video format undf” error in your PC.

The below give fixes can also fix VLC Media Player errors like “How to fix VLC does not support the audio or video format “undf” and How to fix VLC does not support undf .mkv .flv .mov extensions.

1. Check the File to Fix UNDF Error in VLC

Some files may get corrupted either by not finishing the download process which results in an orphaned file or simply because the file wasn't transferred completely from a media device (e.g phone, usb drive, ...)

Make sure the media file you are trying to play is bug free. That is, make sure the file is not corrupted. If you downloaded it from internet make sure it downloaded completely before trying to play it.

Otherwise VLC is likely to throw the error message: "VLC does not support UNDF"

2. Download Latest Version of VLC

Sometimes Malwares and Virus attacks change the system and program files in your PC. Make sure to scan your computer against any malwares and viruses using MalwareBytes or any Anti-virus at hand.

Then download the latest available version of VLC Media Player. Sometimes VLC comes with patches, fixes and new support formats. Go to the official VLC Media Player website and download the latest version.

3. Install CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)

If the file you are trying to play is not corrupted and you think it's a codec related issue, you are most likely to be correct!

Download CCCP!

Combined Community Codec Pack is a simple and highly efficient codec pack. It provides the full support of the audio and video file and offers the extremely easy solution to trouble related to the UNDF Format.

Download the Combined Community Codec Pack from the official website.

After you finish the download start the installation by double-clicking the Setup file. Click "Next >" multiple times until the installation is finished. It's that easy!

undf fix vlc media player combined community codec pack 1

After the installation the window "CCCP Settings" will pop up. Click "OK" and restart your computer. Sometimes VLC will play your file without needing any restart.

undf fix vlc media player combined community codec pack 2

This is how to fix the VLC UNDF format message error!

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