How to Fix No Sound in Google Chrome

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So you have been watching a YouTube video on Google Chrome when all of a sudden sound stopped working

Luckily you can fix this sound issue 100% if you follow all the steps mentioned in this easy tutorial!

This audio problem can be caused due to different causes, we will discover them step by step and fix the muted sound problem on Google Chrome.

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Let’s dive in!

Repair Muted Sound on Google Chrome (Windows 10)

1. Check Sound Settings for Google Chrome on Settings App

First things first, we need to check the settings on the Settings app before we check in Google Chrome itself.

Open the Settings app using Windows+I keyboard shortcut, click “System“”.

Open the “Sound” page and scroll down, click on “App volume and device preferences“.

Make sure you select “Default” in “Output” & “Input” for the App “Google Chrome”.

Now select your headphone device or audio card from the sound menu in the Taskbar. Try to play something… if it doesn’t work keep reading…

2. Fix Google Chrome No Sound Using Volume Mixer

Right-click on the sound icon in the Taskbar and choose “Open Volume mixer“.

Make sure all applications especially Google Chrome have the sound “ON“”.

If they are all ON and sound still not working we are going to check inside Google Chrome itself!

3. Fix Google Chrome’s Sound Issues by Checking the Settings

Click on the three dots and click “Settings” or open this URL in a new tab: chrome://settings/

Scroll down to “Privacy and security” and click on “Site Settings“.

Under “Content” click on “Additional content settings“.

Click on “Sound(Allow sites to play sound).

Make sure you have “Allow sites to play sound (recommended)” on the setting and make sure no websites are listed under “Mute“. If there are any, remove them.

If you have this muted icon you can always use it to access and manage the settings directly!

Now you should have your audio back! Congratulations!

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