How to Fix Copy and Paste Not Working on Windows 10

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Have you tried to copy and paste something on Windows 10 but clipboard stopped working?

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to create a shortcut to fix the clipboard on Windows 10 every time this happens.

This issue is popular among Roblox players for some reason, games, in general, may cause your PC to behave differently because they affect the Registry and system files.

The solution to repair the copy and paste in this tutorial works every time you have this issue, make sure you favorite this tutorial for later use.

Let’s go!

Repair the Clipboard on Windows 10 Using Command Prompt

Clearing the Clipboard is a Way to Fix it

The first method we are going to try is clearing the clipboard, this will fix 90% of issues related to the clipboard like copy & paste not working.

Start by opening the Command Prompt as administrator from the Start menu.

Type the following command and execute it by pressing Enter:

cmd /c "echo off|clip"

Try to copy-paste now… If it still doesn’t work try the next method.

Fix the Clipboard Using SFC / SCANNOW

Execute this command and wait for the fix to finish:

sfc /scannow

Create a Shortcut for Easy & Fast Fix of the Clipboard

If the first method worked, it will be useful if you create a shortcut to double-click whenever the copy-paste is no longer working for some reason.

Right-click anywhere on your PC and choose “New” > “Shortcut“.

Paste this command we used earlier: cmd /c “echo off|clip”, click “Next“.

Put “Clear Clipboard” as the name for the shortcut, click “Finish“.

Let’s change the icon…

Right-click on the shortcut and choose “Properties“.

Click on the “Change icon” button.

Paste this in the location box and select a proper icon:


Now you can fix your clipboard or clear it with a single shortcut.

If you have any more questions about the clipboard in Windows 10 leave a comment below.

Thank you for sharing this tutorial with your friends and relatives ;)

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  • Bonnie Hewett says:

    Hello, It would be nice if any of this worked but it doesn’t. File Explorer is completely broken, unable to manage my photos with it anymore. So frustrating. It opens but thumbnails show sometimes, other times they don’t. Commands of any kind work intermittently with a long wait but mostly do not work. Forget about Copy of Cut and paste. If it does work, the files still show in the previous location. I am
    tired of fighting with it for months.


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