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How to Download & Extract Wallpapers from a Windows 10 Theme Pack

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There are thousands of theme packs for Windows 10 in the internet. A theme pack is a file ending with the extension .themepack, it contains Wallpapers and other theme files like the .theme file that customizes the colors of the theme.

Sometimes you want to use a wallpaper included in a theme pack but it seems impossible to extract the .themepack file. The solution is to use the famous app for unzipping all sorts of files, 7-Zip.

This tip will also work with Windows 7 and Windows 8 theme packs.

You can download theme packs from this website, it has some nice and various theme packs.

extract wallpapers from themepack windows 2 desktop themes

Extract wallpapers from a Windows 10/8/7 theme pack:

Start by downloading your Theme Pack from internet. You can just google “download windows 10 theme pack” to find websites that offer Windows 10 theme packs for free.

ThenĀ download and install 7-Zip, it’s a free and open-source.

extract wallpapers from themepack windows 1 7zip

Right-click on the theme pack (with .themepack extension) and choose “Z-Zip” > “Extract to “*\”

extract wallpapers from themepack windows 3

After the extraction is finished, you will end up with a folder DesktopBackground and the theme file.

extract wallpapers from themepack windows 4

You can also use Winrar to extract the theme pack file contents.

Bonus: Where can I find Default Windows 10 Wallpapers?

If you want to find the default wallpapers all you have to do is go to this folder : C:\Windows\Web

extract wallpapers from themepack windows 5 4k

There you will see three folders:

  • Wallpaper
  • 4K
  • Screen

Navigate through them and you will find that the files in the folder 4K are in very high resolution and other wallpapers you can find them inside the Wallpaper folder.

In the folder Screen you will find the lock screen wallpapers.

There you have it, you know now how to extract wallpapers from theme packs the easy way!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below. I will answer.

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