How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome

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Your screen is so bright it hurts your eyes?

Do you want to enable dark mode on Google Chrome to relax your eyes?

What if I told you that there is an extension that can help you enable dark mode everywhere you go, including websites with complex UI (Facebook, Twitter, …).

Enabling dark mode will help you relax your mind and get less distracted by the light of your screen or monitor.

In this tutorial, you will discover a better way to use your browser, by activating dark mode.

Let’s dive in!

1. Enable Dark Mode on Windows 10

First, we need to enable dark mode on the operating system side, if you don’t want to enable dark mode everywhere there is a solution in the 2nd part of this tutorial.

Right-click on your Desktop and choose “Personalize.”

Open the “Colors” page and choose your “Dark” color.

Now you should have a dark UI all over the place, including Google Chrome.

This is what Google Chrome will look like after applying those changes.

2. Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome Only

If you want dark mode only on Google Chrome, install the “Just Black” extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Here is the result.

3. Enable Dark Mode for Websites

In order to enable dark mode on every website you visit, with controls over brightness and contrast, you can try the extension “Dark Reader” in the Chrome Web Store.

There you have my friend, thank you for sharing this tutorial with your community ;)

If you have any tips & tricks to share with me please leave a comment.

See you in the next tutorial.

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