Do you want to save some storage space by emptying automatically the Recycle Bin?

Have you heard of Storage Sense in Windows 10?

As you know, emptying the Windows Recycle Bin every time can be a bit annoying…

And even if you don’t empty it, you will probably not take advantage of the space that the Recycle Bin full of files can take up.

In this short easy tutorial, you will discover how to make this daily procedure, automatic!

You can also learn how to disable the Recycle Bin, or how to remove the Recycle Bin icon from the Desktop.

Let’s dive in!

Empty the Recycle Bin Automatically in Windows 10

First, open the Settings app using the Windows+I keys combination.

Click on “System“.

Empty Recycle Bin Automatically Trash Windows 10 1 Settings System

Make sure Storage Sense is On.

Go to “Storage” and click on “Configure Storage Sense or run it now“.

Empty Recycle Bin Automatically Trash Windows 10 2 Settings Storage Configure Sense Run Now

Here set a Weekly or a period of your choice to run Storage Sense depending on your work routine.

Also, set the period at which Files in the Recycle Bin will be deleted.

Empty Recycle Bin Automatically Trash Windows 10 3 Storage Sense Configuration

There you have it!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below ;)

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