How to Download Udemy Courses on PC

Do you want to download all your Udemy courses and watch them offline?

As you know, Udemy is an online learning platform with many paid and free online courses accessible 24/7.

Udemy allows you to watch and download individual videos on your PC, but if you want to download all videos and courses at once you should try udemy-dl which you will discover in this easy tutorial.

In this tutorial you will need Python and “udemy-dl“.

Let’s go!

1. Download Udemy-Dl to Get Udemy Courses for Free

Go to this Github repository:

Click on “Clone or download” > “Download ZIP“.

Unzip the folder udemy-dl-master and copy the path. We will need the path later to launch the script using py command.

2. Download and Install Python

Download the 64bit or 32bit of the latest stable release of Python for Windows from here:

Check “Add Python 3.7 to PATH” and click “Install Now“.

3. Copy Udemy Course URL

Login to your Udemy account and go to My courses.

Copy the URL of your course after opening it.

You need to play the course at least once to unblock it for download.

4. Download Udemy Courses Using Udemy-Dl

If your udemy-dl-master is in your Desktop… Access it using this command:

cd C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\udemy-dl-master

Then run this command to install requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then run this command to start the download:


Replace “py” with “python3” or “python” if you are using older windows systems.

Enter your username and password to start the download.

There you have it!

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