HTTrack: Download Offline Version of Any Website

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Do you want to enjoy the internet without any internet connection?

How is this even possible? You are going to ask me…

By downloading the entire websites you use, this way you keep 100% of the websites for offline use.

As you know the websites we consume are mostly HTML websites, at least for the client-side, because there are also dynamic websites (server-side, think of PHP or ASPX) and this website ( is dynamic but can be downloaded into a static one using HTTrack.

In this tutorial you are going to discover how to download entire websites for free for offline navigation.

I use this technique when I find some gold information that I just can’t find anywhere else.

Let’s dive in!

Download the Entire Internet with HTTrack

You can download HTTrack from this official URL:

After the download starts the installation process.

Launch your HTTrack Website Copier and click “Next“.

Give your project a name, click “Next“.

Type in the URLs you want to download. Click “Next“.

Choose “Do not connect to a provider (already connected)” and click “Next“.

The download will start…

After the download is finished your files will be located in:

C:\\My Web Sites

And here is an example of this website that I downloaded:

If you want to store an image on the cloud I recommend that you use the Web Archive in

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below!

Thanks for sharing ;)

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