How to Download CS:GO for Free on Windows 10

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Do you like e-Sports? What about FPS games?

Do you enjoy watching CS:GO videos and live streams, and you decided to give Counter-Strike a try?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for free on Windows 10.

Let’s go!

Download and Install CS:GO on Windows 10 for Free

1. Download Steam from

Steam is the Cloud game library that contains all the games Valve made and other games too like GTA V, Dota and Half-Life. By the way Counter-Strike was just a Half-Life mod and after he gained popularity Valve made it a separate game and now is considered the #1 FPS online game on the planet.

You can download Steam from the official website:

After downloading double-click on the Setup file and click “Next“.

Choose the “English” language, this is important since all your games will be installed in English… if you choose another language and you want to change it later you will have to reinstall every game.

Click “Next“.

Choose the hard drive where you have the most space, preferably 1TB, since you will install more games in the future to test the waters, believe me, every gamer did it and ran out of space… Don’t use your SSD to store games.

Click “Install“.

Wait for the download to finish it, after that we will create your first Steam account.

2. Create a Steam Account

On the first launch, you will be prompted to either create an account or log in, click “Create new account“.

Enter your Steam username, and password with confirmation.

You will receive an Email… click the link to create your account.

After your account is created login to your account.

3. Download CS:GO

Open the Store, search for “cs go” and click on “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(Free to Play)

Scroll down and click on “Play Game“.

Click “Next“.

As you can see, as for today the game is roughly 10GB of size.


Now you can see the download speed, the disk usage, and the peak of your download speed. Remember to stop ARP spoofing if you have one member of your family limiting your internet.

4. Optimize the CS: GO Game on Steam

I have explained earlier 8 Tips to Boost FPS on Steam Games for PC, you can read that article and find the launch options I am using here.

Basically under “Library“, you will need to right-click on your CS:GO game and choose “Properties“.

Click on “Set Launch Options“.

Paste the code you found in the article mentioned earlier, click “OK“.

5. Play CS:GO for Free

Launch the game and start your first game with BOTS.

Learn how to configure your cross-hair, your mouse speed, enable the console, and other stuff on YouTube.

BONUS: Counter-Strike Global Offensive Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips & tricks in bullet points on how to rank up and earn more skill in CS:GO:

  1. Buy a gaming mouse (& mouse pad) and a gaming keyboard, a gaming chair is optional but will help a lot. Get a better internet or learn how to stop ARP spoofing (you will find how to limit internet speed in the beginning)
  2. Learn how to spray control with every gun in the game especially the primary guns (AK47 and M4A4), SMGs are easy you can run and spray.
  3. Watch live streams on Twitch and how Pro players play to gain the CS:GO mindset and become a mind reader.
  4. Play different maps and learn how to play each map because they are different and each map has its meta.
  5. Communicate with your teammates in competitive games, communication is key to success in CS:GO, become a leader of your teammate and don’t expect someone to play that role especially when you are queuing alone.
  6. Watch the majors on YouTube and best plays of Pro players.

There you have it future CS:GO player!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below, I played +3k hours of CS:GO in my life so make sure you ask the right questions!

Also, you can share this tutorial with your friends and family and invite them to play with you on your free time ;)

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