How to Disable Google Chrome Updates on Windows 10

Does your Google Chrome browser block a lot? Maybe he is updating… Why? I don’t know…

Have you tried to disable the automatic updates using the settings pageYes… It’s impossible…

Lastly my browser started to lag and block a lot and when I checked the “About Google Chrome” page (chrome://help/) I found that the browser was downloading some updates…

After hours of research I came up with a solution so simple you can’t imagine how simple it’s.

Let’s go!

How to Disable Google Update?

Once I applied the trick shown in this tutorial you will get an error instead, which tells us that Google Chrome can’t update itself.

First open the Task Manager and go to “Details” and kill every task starting with “Google“”.

Then access the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Google then rename the folder Update to UpdateOff or any name really…

Please don’t remove the folder, you may need to update your browser once every week to make sure you are protected and safe.

You may need to confirm the changes as an admin of the system, click “Continue” to do so.

This time after you will restart your browser, Google Chrome will try to launch the file GoogleUpdate.exe existing inside folder Update which we renamed earlier.

That’s all!

You have discovered how to end up with automatic updates in Google Chrome.

If you have any questions feel free to share them below in the comments’ section, thanks a lot!

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