Do you want to remove Recycle Bin icon from your Windows 10 Desktop?

While some users prefer using their Desktop to store frequently used files and program shortcuts, others prefer a clean Desktop.

As you know, Recycle Bin is the first icon you find on the Desktop of a clean Windows 10/8/7 installation.

While some users prefer pinning Recycle Bin to the taskbar, removing the Recycle Bin from the desktop can be useful for them.

Remove Recycle Bin Windows Desktop 1

Obviously you can’t just delete Recycle Bin using DEL key or from the contextual menu since there is no option to delete it.

In this guide you will learn how to hide Recycle Bin from your Desktop.

Remove Recycle Bin icon from Windows 10 desktop

Right-click on your Desktop and choose “Personalize“.

Remove Recycle Bin Windows Desktop 2 Personalize

Click on “Themes” and choose “Desktop icon settings“.

Remove Recycle Bin Windows Desktop 3 Themes Icons

Uncheck “Recycle Bin” under “Desktop icons” and click “Apply” to save changes, you will notice the Recycle Bin disappeared.

Remove Recycle Bin Windows Desktop 4 Icons Uncheck

That’s it!

You have learned how to remove the Recycle Bin from Windows 10 Desktop.

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