How to Create a Multi-Boot USB Drive the Easy Way

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Do you want to create a multi-boot USB drive to fix any error or install multiple OSes from one USB stick?

In this tutorial you will learn how to use YUMI to create a customized multi-boot USB drive, you can add as many utilities as your USB drive can handle.

Let’s go!

Create a Multi-Boot USB Drive Using YUMI

You can download YUMI from this official URL: (just use the legacy version for maximum compatibility)

After the download, launch the setup and click “I Agree“.

Select your USB drive in Step 1.

Check “We Will NTFS Format X:

Select your tool/utility/OS from the list, you can obtain the ISO file by clicking on the “Visit the … Home Page” for free.

Since I already have the ISO in my Downloads folder YUMI added it automatically. We will be adding one ISO at a time.

Click “Create“.

Click “Yes” to create a 4th partition table on X:.

Click “Yes” to confirm the formating and creation of the MBR in your multi-boot USB drive.

After the copying is done, click “Yes” to add more ISOs to your multi-boot USB drive.

This time I have chosen “GParted“.

So I downloaded it from the link provided by YUMI…

Don’t check “Format” option, select the ISO from “Browse“, and click “Create“.

Wait for a couple of seconds…

Boot your PC on your USB drive…

The tools will be listed according to categories for more organization…

This is KRD, an antivirus I talked about earlier in this tutorial: How to Remove All Viruses on Your PC for Free

And this is GParted…

You just learned how to create a multi-boot USB drive ;)

If you have any questions feel free to leave your comments below!

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