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How to Create Google Chrome’ Incognito Mode Shortcut

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The Incognito Mode is a private browsing feature that was long supported by Google Chrome. While using the Incognito Mode, Google chrome disable cookies, extensions and also history function.

You can use Incognito Mode to hide your browsing activity from other users in the same computer, such as shopping a secret gift for a family member or doing private business on your friend’s computer. This won’t grant you full privacy and security since the website’s server can still track you using your IP address and you may not be safe if you download a virus or malware during your private navigation.

Lot of users access Incognito Mode by first opening Google Chrome browser then initiate a new Incognito session via Google Chrome’s menu or by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N.

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However, if you want to start Incognito Mode the fastest possible you should create your own shortcut. So the first step will be to create a shortcut for your Google Chrome browser.

Incognito Mode’ Shortcut in Google Chrome

In order for this trick to work you have to create a shortcut for Google Chrome in you Desktop. Google Chrome can be found under this path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

After you create your shortcut, right-click on it and go to “Properties“.

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Click on the tab “Shortcut“.

Here Windows allow you to add command line instructions to your Google Chrome Target path in order to set parameters and launch options. To open Incognito Mode, the command line is simply -incognito. All you have to do is add this command to the Target section.

If you have the 32-bit version of chrome, you can copy the following Target and click “OK“.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -incognito
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Press OK to save the change and close the shortcut’s Properties window. You’ll now want to rename the shortcut (e.g., “Chrome – Incognito”) so that you can distinguish between “standard” Chrome and your new Incognito Mode shortcuts. Some users may also prefer to change the shortcut’s icon to help visually differentiate between the two.


You can remove your Incognito Mode – if you no longer want to provide easy access to this feature – at any time, it won’t affect your browser.

On your shortcut properties click on “Change Icon…

Select your icon and click “OK“. Your icon should be change right away!

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The result is quite nice… Do you like it? Drop a comment!

incognito google chrome windows shortcut icon

Thanks for reading, if you have other tips & tricks about Google Chrome that you want to share… Feel free to share it in the comments down below.

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