How to Convert ESD Files to ISO on Windows 10

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Do you know that ESD files are highly compressed and encrypted and can be used as ISO files?

Some users download their latest builds as ESDs and convert them to ISO to save time.

ESD files are usually downloaded using the Electronic Software Download application, each upgrade comes in the form of ESD files that are later uncompressed and installed. Microsoft is using the ESD format because it offers compression and more security.

You can download the latest Windows 10 builds in this forum, and use this tutorial to convert them to ISO and use them as you use your normal ISO.

The Windows Update builds ESD files are usually stored in the %localappdata%\Microsoft folder under the \websetup\Download\ subfolder.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert ESD files to ISO using Dism++ which is a free open-source tool I let you discover its capabilities.

Let’s go!

Convert ESD Files to ISO Using Dism++

The official repo of Dism++ is in GitHub, you can download the Exe file from the official website:

After downloading, unzip the files and double-click on “Dism++x64.exe“.

Accept the legal information.

Go to “File” > “ESD –> ISO“.

Select your ESD file in the first box, select where you will save the ISO file in the second box. Click “Finish“.

Wait for a couple of minutes…

The conversion is done!

Usually, ISO files are larger than the ESD files, so you will notice that when you convert your ESD to ISO.

If you have any more questions feel free to leave them in the comments below ;)

Thank you for sharing in advance!

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