How to Compress Large Audio Files Up to 500%

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Do you want to compress FLAC or WAV audio files without losing quality?

Are you having trouble storing or sending your audio files through email and want to compress them?

If you have an iPod and there is no free space because of large audio files, then the solution is lossless compression.

You will discover in this tutorial two programs to compress your audio files while keeping the sound quality.

For this we will be using Format Factory (Free!) which does convert everything you can think of, and VLC media player.

Let’s dive in!

What I Am Trying to Compress

I have on my PC an album in the flac format, FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec which is the highest quality audio format available.

wav format is also lossless so it takes more space.

The goal is to convert these audio files without losing quality (lossless) to mp3.

1. Compress Your Large Audio Files with Format Factory

You can download Format Factory for free from this official URL:

After installing Format Factory launch the program and go open the “Audio” section, click on “MP3“”.

Click on “Add File“.

Select all the audio files that you want to compress/convert. Click the “Open” button.

Click on “Output Setting” and set the settings as follows:

  • Sample Rate (HZ): 44100,
  • Bitrate (KB/s): between 192 and 256 is fine,
  • Audio Channel: 2,
  • Volume Control: 100%,
  • Leave the rest as is.

Click the “OK” button.

Click on “Start“.

Click on “Output Folder” to see the results…

A big difference in file sizes.

2. Compress Your Large Audio Files with VLC Media Player

In case you don’t have VLC, then you can download it from the official website:

Go to “Media” > “Convert / Save“.

Click on “Add…“.

Select all the audio files you want to compress, click “Open“.

Click on the “Convert / Save” button.

Choose MP3 as Profile and click the button to change the settings.

In Audio codec tab you can change the Bitrate, this will change the quality and impact the size of the final product.

Click on “Start” to begin the conversion.


Here is the result…

There you have it!

You just learned how to compress your large audio files without losing quality ;)

If you have any thoughts to share or questions to ask feel free.

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