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How to Use Clipboard History on Windows 10

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Do you want to do multiple copy/paste operations on Windows 10?

Are you looking to enable clipboard history to improve your productivity?

Back in the days, before Windows 10, we used to only copy single items one item at a time.

If we wanted to copy multiple items we used to have a third party software like Quick Multi-Copy and others.

Thankfully with Windows 10, clipboard history is now built-in since the October Update.

This update allows users to save all their copied items to paste them later on, whether the items are images, text, links, anything!

Let’s see how to enable clipboard history and how to use it.

Enable and Manage Clipboard History on Windows 10

To enable the clipboard history we need to open the Settings app, you can do so by going through Start or by pressing Windows+I.

Click on “System“.

clipboard history windows 10 1 settings system

Open the page “Clipboard” on System settings and toggle the clipboard history to enable it. You won’t need a restart.

clipboard history windows 10 2 enable clipboard copy paste history

Press Windows+V to view the clipboard history. As of now, I didn’t copy anything yet. You will receive this message: Your clipboard is empty.

clipboard history windows 10 3 your clipboard is empty

Copy some items using Ctrl+C, and open your clipboard history.

Now you can paste the selected items as you wish.

clipboard history windows 10 4 select an item to paste it

You can delete specific items by clicking the three dots and choose “Delete“.

If you want to keep a certain item longer and not override it with next copied items, just “Pin” it.

Or if you want to remove everything you copied, click “Clear all“. Pinned items won’t be removed.

clipboard history windows 10 6 clear

You can also clear clipboard data from the Settings app. Except for pinned items.

clipboard history windows 10 5 clear clipboard history

If you have any questions about clipboard history or Windows 10 in general please leave a comment or contact me.

Thank you for sharing!

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